Glenn Davis

Glenn Davis

Class of 2010,  U.S. Army

What was your MOS in the Army?
My MOS is 68W Health Care Specialist, (Combat Medic).

Where was your last deployment and most notable experience?
I have not been deployed yet, but my most notable experience so far has been training with NATO forces, in August my unit trained with British troops.

What honors/awards did you receive during your military service?
Well, while training with the British soldiers I received the Army Achievement Medal.

How has your military experience benefited your experience at A&M-Commerce?
I had the experience of attending A&M-Commerce before and after joining the military. Before the Army, I was very undisciplined, school came second to partying and having fun with my friends. After I joined up, I learned how to balance my life. I learned that I can’t always have someone hovering over me to make sure I get the job done. I would say my military experience has definitely made it easier to prioritize my life. And also, the Army pays for my school so that’s a plus.

Why did you choose to attend A&M-Commerce?
Actually, this is an interesting story in itself, originally there were four of us sitting on an Army base in Germany, (my father was also military), and we were looking up schools in Texas and A&M-Commerce was the only university that offered all of our majors and wasn’t extremely expensive, so we all applied and got accepted. A year later, two more joined us.

What do you like best about A&M-Commerce and your department?
It’s small enough that I get to know a lot of people. What I like about the science department is the building! It just screams knowledge! Commerce offers so much, it has really changed my life. I found life long friends here and discovered who I really am at the same time.

What student organizations have impacted your time at A&M-Commerce?
I would have to say the number one organization that impacted my time at A&M-Commerce is the Kappa Alpha Order. I pledged in the Fall of 2006, and those guys have become my family away from home. I love those guys.

Glenn Davis

What are you studying, and what are your career plans?
Well I haven’t quite made up my mind, right now I am a biology major, before that I was an English major, and before that a marketing major. I think I want to do sociology and I plan on making that my final one. I plan on using that degree to get a job in public Relations.

Why do you want to pursue this major/career field?
I have fun with people and I want to study people and deal with people as a career. I think that's why I chose the job in the Army that I did; I like helping people.