Josh Smith

Josh Smith

Class of 2011, Sgt., U.S. Army

What was your MOS in the Army?
I was a Medic.  68W

Where was your last deployment and most notable experience?
My last deployment was to Kosovo on a peace keeping mission. My company pretty much acted as a security force.  Kosovo isn’t a hostile place, and because of that we were able to enjoy the culture and the people there.  I think it was just awesome to live in another country for a year.

What honors/awards did you receive during your military service?
I was soldier of the month a few times. Army achievement medal twice. I also won a Gold German marksmanship badge. Score one for Uncle Sam.

How has your military experience benefited your experience at A&M-Commerce?
The Army really taught me the value of hard work.  All of the training I’ve done has just helped me realize that I can do anything, so school work is not a problem for me.  Preparing for a test or writing a paper isn’t nearly as hard as preparing for a mission.

Josh Smith - Military-2

Why did you choose to attend A&M-Commerce?
Commerce is close to to my family.  My grandparents live in Dallas, and my parents and brothers live in Emory.  Reconnecting with my family after my deployment was a must, so Commerce was an easy pick.

What are you studying (major), and what are your career plans?
Radio and Television Broadcasting.  I want to work in television productions, and possibly TV news reporting.

Why do you want to pursue radio/television?
Work would never be the same each day. Radio and TV are a huge part of our society, so I should never go without a job.

What do you like best about A&M-Commerce and your department?
I love my department because we get a lot of hands on training, which is what you need to get a job in radio and television.  Students graduate with the knowledge of our field and have the practical experience needed to get good jobs.

What student organizations have impacted your time at A&M-Commerce?
Sigma Chi has taught me more about myself than I could possibly imagine.  It’s just something you have to experience.  Because of Sigma Chi, I’ve met brothers that I will be friends with forever.