Vernon Moore

Vernon Moore

Class of 2008, U.S. Army (retired)

In February 1996, Staff Sergeant (SSG) Vernon Moore III was deployed in Bosnia with the U.S. Army, keeping supply routes clear as a military policeman.  On routine patrol, SSG Moore was called to the scene of an accident involving three military vehicles with several seriously wounded soldiers.  Not knowing whether the fields were laced with mines, and the roads were covered in black ice, SSG Moore’s team had to act quickly to secure a clearing for the Medivac to land.  Thirty minutes later, the helicopter landed safely, and transported the wounded soldiers to the Army hospital.

Thirteen years later, SSG Moore has traded in the Bosnian battlefield for an office, and his fatigues for a suit and tie, but the lessons he learned from the U.S. Army continue to aid his transition to civilian life, as do those he went on to learn at A&M-Commerce.

“The U.S. Army taught me dedication, discipline and focus,” he said. “My M.B.A. from A&M-Commerce took those skills to the next level so I could succeed as a civilian.”

Mr. Moore, equipped with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, wanted to take his career to the next level when a co-worker told him about the online M.B.A. program at A&M-Commerce.  After some research, Mr. Moore found it was exactly what he was looking for with a challenging yet rewarding course load.

“While I was taking strategic management, I couldn’t stand it,” he said. “Now, looking back on it, I realize how it opened my eyes to new ways to evaluate companies within certain industries.”

Mr. Moore is still serving his country because he is employed by the Defense Contract Audit Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense.  Mr. Moore's recent promotion from Senior Auditor to Technical Specialist is a direct result of obtaining his MBA for A&M-Commerce.

“The M.B.A. program is second to none,” Mr. Moore said.  “Everyone at A&M-Commerce should be proud of this program, and the opportunities it offers students.  I know I am.”

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