About Us

The Children's Learning Center, a nationally accredited, 4-Star program, serves students and faculty/staff of the university, as well as, families from the community. The on-campus location gives parents the luxury of worry-free child care in a learning atmosphere while they concentrate on their work and studies.

Each department of the CLC uses a research-based curriculum that features exploration and discovery through play.  The Insect Garden and Explorers use Learn Every Day – The Program for Infants, Toddlers, and Twos.  The Trailblazers use The Creative Curriculum.  The curriculums allow the CLC to change the curriculum and activities to meet the development of the children in the classroom instead of constantly transitioning children based on their age to the next classroom.  Less transition gives children stability and consistency in the same environment with the same teachers.  Both curriculums also incorporate play and learning through hands-on experiences in centers appropriate for the age group such as art, manipulatives, blocks, library, science, writing, math, music, technology, outdoor, and group times.  The curriculums meet domains such as social-emotional, physical, language, literacy, cognitive, mathematics, technology, science, social studies, and arts.  Both curriculums also include ways to include children with special needs or English as a second language.

The CLC is now using Teaching Strategies Gold, an ongoing, observation-based assessment system that helps teachers focus on what matters most for children’s success.  There are 38 research-based objectives for development and learning to help the teachers link teaching and assessment.  These assessments will be used to conference with parents about your child’s development as needed and during parent/teacher conferences.

Each classroom has a daily schedule that not only includes all the activities mentioned above, but also includes three USDA approved meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack), meeting their basic needs such as diaper changes, pottying, washing hands, and rest time. 

Our Child Care Programs:

Our Ratios:    

  • Insect Garden (1:4; classroom size 6-7 children)
  • Explorers (Pathfinders -18-23 mo. 1:4; classroom size 8 children; Discoverers - 2 years 1:6; classroom size 12 children)
  • Trailblazers (Pioneers and Navigators – 3-5 years 1:9; classroom size 6-15 children depending on the room; Backpackers and Scouts (Kindergarten-12 years 1:12; classroom size 6-15 children depending on the room)