Counseling Center

Welcome to the Counseling Center. Our goal is to help students achieve academic and personal growth as well as promote a healthy campus learning environment.

Statement of Philosophy

The Counseling Center operates from a holistic approach to student development and fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding where everyone feels welcome. We offer services to help students reach their academic and personal goals and maximize their potential for success. We provide individual and group counseling, mental health screening, consultation and referral, crisis intervention, educational outreach, legal advising, and biofeedback.

We also serve as a resource for faculty, staff and parents and play an active role in interpreting and advocating the concerns of students to the university community. We are sensitive to the needs of ethnic and cultural minorities, LGBTQ, returning veterans, and non-traditional students. We collaborate with other campus departments and community agencies, utilize referral resources within the university and community, and serve as an integral part of campus mental health and wellness teams.