Optional Practical Training Information

12-month Optional Practical Training (OPT)  

OPT STEM Extension

Cap Gap Extension OPT

Optional Practical Training Online Workshop

Students are required to attend a 12-month OPT workshop online in one of their last two semesters before they apply for OPT. To review the OPT workshop schedule go to ISSS Calendar.  

Registration is required to attend a workshop. The deadline to register is 5pm teh day before the workshops. Students who have not registered by the deadline will not be allowed to attend. To register for an OPT workshop go to Registration.  

Once you have registered an email confirmation will be sent. Please allow the system up to 24 hours to generate the email confirmation.  If you do not receive an email confirmation your registration was not processed.  

Reporting requirements for students on OPT 

Please note that during OPT, students are required to report any change of address and any start of employment or change of employment within 10 days.  To update your address or employment during OPT go to the OPT Reporting Form.  Students on OPT STEM Extension are required to report their current employer's company name and address and the student's current physical address every 6 months after the start date of their OPT STEM Extension. 

Travel Information for Students on OPT

For information on traveling during OPT go to Travel Resources.   To request a travel signature please complete the Travel Signature Request Form for students on OPT.  

Applying for a Social Security Number 

Students on approved Optional Practical Training (OPT) may apply for a social security number once they have been offered employment and received their Employment Authorization Document (EAD card).  A letter from the ISSS is not required or necessary.  Students may take their OPT I-20, passport, visa, I-94, EAD card, and employment letter to the nearest Social Security Administration office to apply.