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Danielle J. Davis - Director

Crystal Hardeman - Associate Director 

Katy Williams - Assistant Director

Dawn Orlove - Administrative Assistant 

Cyriacus Onuigbo  - Graphics Designer Student Assistant

Elora Das - Student Assistant

Jada Jones - Student Assistant

Vacant - Associate Director (S.E.E.D.S.)

Danielle J. Davis

Danielle J. Davis serves as the Director of the Leadership Engagement and Development Department (L.E.A.D.) and Serving Engaged Empowered & Diverse Students (S.E.E.D.S.), where she is responsible for helping with curriculum design and development, and assisting in the planning for the {I}Experience Leadership Retreat, Summer Leadership Summit, and the Extraordinary Leadership Series. In addition to the above duties, she is furthering the L.E.A.D. initiative of developing multi-year/multi-tier leadership programs that will prepare all students to be change agents in their community.

Prior to joining the L.E.A.D. Department, Danielle worked for a Fortune 500 company as an Internal Auditor.  A two-time graduate from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Danielle earned a Bachelors of Science from the College of Business in Accountancy and a Masters of Education in Higher Education. Currently, her professional interests include leadership education and development, social change leadership and strengths-based leadership.  In her free time, Danielle enjoys working out, playing with her dogs, Prince and Oreo, and traveling. She is passionate about cooking and reading. Her goal is to change the world one student at a time.

Crystal Hardeman

Crystal Hardeman serves as the Associate Director of the Leadership Engagement and Development Department (L.E.A.D.), where she is responsible for the recruitment, selection, curriculum development and evaluation of a year-long living learning community; development, teaching, and maintenance of the First Year Leadership Class (FLC) and the FLC mentor program. She is also responsible for the coordination, recruitment, selection, logistics, training and evaluation of the {I}Experience leadership conference; as well as assisting in the planning for the Summer Leadership Summit.

Crystal is a two time graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts, emphasis in education, a certificate in International Student Services and a Master of Arts in Education degree in Student Affairs. She has 6 years of nonprofit experience and 10 years of Higher Education experience in different capacities. She is committed to serving all students and very passionate about leadership development, diversity and social justice education. Crystal loves to travel and learn about different cultures. A quote that guides her life is “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Dr. Maya Angelou

Katy Williams

Katy Williams serves as the Assistant Director of the Leadership Engagement and Development Department (L.E.A.D) where she is responding for programming, planning, and marketing for the Extraordinary Leadership Series (ELS) and Dare2Roar (D2R) programs. Katy is also responsible for the planning, organization, and management of all the events of NSLS in the local and online chapter of Texas A&M University-Commerce.

Katy completes her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Sociology from Austin College and a Master of Science in Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communication from Texas A&M University. Her professional interests include service learning, student volunteerism, and civic leadership and engagement. Katy passionately believes service and civic engagement create awareness, develops leadership, and facilities social change. In her free time, Katy enjoys playing sports, maintaining "favorite aunt" status, traveling, hanging out with family, and watching movies.

Elora Das

Elora Das is a student assistant for the Leadership Engagement and Development department (L.E.A.D.). As a student assistant, Elora helps to manage the environment in the L.E.A.D. suite and assist the directors of the department by working on a diverse set of assignments and projects.

Elora is a Sophomore in the Honors College, is a senator and the parliamentarian in Students Government Association, a sister of the Kappa Delta Sorority, a peer educator of Lion Peer Educator, a member of Alpha Lambda Delta Honors Society and a Supplement Instruction Leader for Business Mathematics. Elora is currently working on getting her Bachelors of Business Administration in Business Analytics. Elora aspires to be an entrepreneur in the future after she has worked as a Business Analyst for a few years. In her spare time, Elora loves to watch movies, read books and catch up with friends from her country.

Jada Jones

Jada Jones is a student assistant for the Leadership Engagement and Development department (L.E.A.D.). She's a junior majoring in Social Work, aspiring to become a Trauma Social Worker or Geriatric Social Worker.  In her spare time, the Dallas native loves to shop and hang out with friends, including her pet turtle, Mister. 

 Dawn Orlove

Dawn Orlove serves as the Administrative Associate of the Leadership Engagement and Development Department (L.E.A.D.) and Serving Engaged Empowered & Diverse Students (S.E.E.D.S.), where she is responsible for the “behind the scenes” functions that keep the offices running smoothly.

Dawn is originally from Central Illinois with years of experience, including eight in higher education.  She’s currently working towards earning her bachelors degree.  Dawn enjoys spending time with her family and friends, playing with her 90 pound Boxer (Judge, a.k.a. “Little” Mister), traveling, and cooking.