Campus Activities Board

About Us

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) serves as the student activities programming component of the Rayburn Student Center (RSC) at Texas A&M University-Commerce.

The purpose of CAB is to provide a diverse range of high quality, low-cost entertainment to students and to promote involvement and unity among students, faculty, staff, alumni and the community. Entertainment includes cultural, educational, and recreational programs and activities. CAB meets every Tuesday at 5:15pm on the 2nd floor of the RSC.

CAB's Vision

The primary goal of CAB is to enhance the A&M-Commerce campus by providing along or in coalition with other university entities, programs that:
1. Complement the academic programs of the university.
2. Work to unify the campus community by providing diverse activities that reach the entire student population.
3. Promote individual and group self worth and dignity.
4. Cultivate student leadership, citizenship, organization, dedication, time management, and responsibility.
5. Teach promotions, budgeting, networking, and recruiting skills.
6. Contribute to the recruitment and retention efforts of the university.

Join us for a meeting or event soon!