Student Center Event Restrictions

Decorating and Safety Rules

Please read the following guidelines carefully. They are given to ensure safety and to assist in proper planning for decorating in the Sam Rayburn Student Center (RSC). We want your event to be a success and will do all we can to assist.

Because it is important to maintain excellent condition of our campus facilities and equipment, your complete cooperation is needed. If you have any questions concerning these instructions, please contact the Scheduling Office at (903) 886-5809.

• The student center is a “tobacco free” environment. No tobacco products are permitted.
• Due to multiple events in the RSC, decorations must be removed immediately following the function. RSC cannot accept responsibility for any decorations or belongings left after your event.
• Decorations must be ready to display before they are moved into the building.
• Managers will oversee all sets, displays, etc.
• Large items must be brought through the building loading dock.
• Furniture may not be moved without supervision of the building manager.
• Tacks, nails, adhesive tape, masking tape, scotch tape, etc., may not be used on walls, windows, doors, or any other part of the building. Please do not attach items to the acoustic panels located in rooms on the second floor of the student center.
• Heavy articles may be hung only with the permission of the manager on duty. No items or decorations may be hung from any ceilings or lights.
• Ladders may be used for decorating (see building manager), but groups may not stand on table tops or chairs.
• Burning candles or liquid-fueled decorations are permitted in RSC with prior approval from the Associate Director or designee. Note excessive candle wax on furniture and/or carpet will result in an extra cleaning fee of $25 dollars.
• Helium balloons must be anchored down if used.
• Small particles, such as glitter and confetti, are not to be used as decorations. An extra cleaning fee ($25) will be applied for use of these materials.
• Rose petals may not be used as decorations.
• Bubbles are not permitted in the student center.
• Red punch or any other refreshment that stains is prohibited.
• Fog Machines are not permitted as they may interfere with the overall function of fire alarms.
• Please work with the Scheduling Office on other specific requests. We will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

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Weddings, Wedding Receptions, and Rehearsal Dinners

Reservations in the RSC may be scheduled under Priority III status for any currently enrolled student or alumnus of Texas A&M University-Commerce for the purpose of a wedding, wedding reception and/or a rehearsal dinner. Reservations are available after October 1st. Reservations remain tentative pending receipt of a 25% deposit within one week of the reservation. The required deposit will be forfeited should the client fail to cancel the room reservation within 30 days prior to the event. Payment remainder must be paid in full 5 business days in advance of the event. The event must be scheduled in accordance will all University and RSC guidelines.

The person scheduling is responsible for a building use fee in accordance with the stated schedule of charges. All charges must be paid in full one month (30 days) in advance prior to the date of the event. Sodexo must be contacted once confirmation has been given to provide all food service for the event. All food service must be paid in accordance with Sodexo’s policies.

A florist/wedding consultant may be used to provide non-food items only. The RSC Scheduling Office must approve the set-up and decorations of the rented facility. Rice, rose petals, bubbles, or substitute items may not be utilized in the RSC or outside of any entrances.

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Sodexo Dining Services
Sodexo is the exclusive food service provider for the Sam Rayburn Student Center. No outside food or drink is permitted to be brought into the building without the RSC Food Waiver Form being approved by Sodexo, dining services general manager and the Scheduling Office. Please contact the RSC Scheduling Office, room #240, to obtain this form. The form must be submitted a minimum of seven (7) business days prior to the event date. If approved, Sodexo will return the food waiver to the Scheduling Office and the applicant. For compliance purposes your form must be posted at the event.

Alcohol requests must be approved prior to the scheduled event by the President’s Office. All University rules and regulations and state laws relating to alcoholic beverages will be strictly enforced.

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Statement of Client Responsibility

Shirts and shoes must be worn in the RSC at all times for both safety and hygiene reasons.

RSC will not be responsible for any articles lost in the building. Items found following an event will be taken to the Welcome Desk on the 1st floor.

RSC staff should be notified of space cancellations prior to the scheduled event time. Two “no shows” may jeopardize future opportunities to reserve space in RSC. Failure to cancel reservations for events involving special set-up at least two business days in advance of the event date may result in a fee of not less than $25.

Clients that misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately, may incur additional charges, and could have reservation privileges suspended. These determinations will be made by the Associate Director or designee.

Sponsoring groups or clients are responsible for damages to the facility or equipment. Any necessary cleaning charges or repairs will be the responsibility of those using our facility.

The RSC staff reserves the right to deny space usage for any group/event that is programmatically or operationally impossible to accommodate or that conflicts with the University’s mission or policies.

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Prohibited Items and Activities

Sam Rayburn Student Center is a "tobacco free" environment.
Animals or pets of any kind, excluding service animals, shall not be permitted in the building.
Bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are not allowed in RSC. Please secure those items outside of RSC premises.
No firearms of any kind are permitted. Vintage rifles displayed during Veterans Vigil are secured by the University Police Department.
Illegal drugs or other illicit substances are not permitted. Violators will be escorted from the building. The University Police Department will be contacted for further disciplinary action.

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Disruptive Behavior

The University standards of conduct apply to anyone in the RSC. Any person engaging in inappropriate conduct or language, disrupting performance, or creating disturbances at events will be asked to leave the premises and/or will be escorted from the building by an officer of the University Police Department.

Recognized Student Organizations, University departments, and/or individuals reserving rooms within the RSC are responsible for making sure that each guest is abiding by the guidelines set forth. You will be held accountable for any alterations or damages to the building property and/or equipment.

Events requiring amplified sound must not disturb other events within the RSC or other academic buildings. Should the event cause a disturbance, RSC staff will contact the event sponsor to indicate when volume and/or other issues need to be adjusted. Any group who does not respect and comply with these requests will be asked to leave the building.

If, during the course of the event, accidental damage does occur, it should be reported immediately to the building manager so arrangements can be made for cleanup and restitution.

Damage to any room/space/furnishings and/or equipment by a group will result in appropriate charges, based on fair market cost of replacement/repair/additional cleaning to the RSC property or equipment.

The group will be notified, in writing, of the damages. A meeting will be held with the group representatives and the Associate Director or designee to discuss the damages. RSC staff will send an invoice to the responsible group for restitution.

In all cases (cleaning or damage), no further reservations will be accepted until the invoice is paid in full.

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