The Ferguson Auditorium is reserved for large events where a significant participation is expected (200+ guests). Only one full dress rehearsal is permitted prior to your scheduled event at the auditorium.


1. Recognized Student Organizations and University Departments will be given first priority for scheduling events in Ferguson Auditorium. Reservations can be made 6 months in advance.

2. Reservations must be submitted two business days (48 hours) in advance.

3. Recognized Student Organizations and University Departments are not charged space rental fees for events which are open to the University community. Fees may be levied, however, for complex set-ups, special equipment, events exceeding building operation hours and special staffing requests. A nominal staffing fee of $10 per hour | per person is charged for special staffing requests, such as a sound tech present during event.

4. Changes or cancellation of your reservation must be submitted two business days in advance (48 hours) by calling the Scheduling Office (903.886.5809) or via email to Failure to cancel an event is a no-show violation. A $25 dollar fee may be assessed for complex set-ups and multiple no-show violations.

5. Recognized Student Organizations and University Departments may schedule up to two practices per group per semester in the Ferguson Auditorium. Other locations may be reserved based upon availability.

6. Reservations for University priority events, such as Mane Event, Orientation, Lions Roar, and large departmental conferences etc., designed primarily for students can complete an Exemption Request Form for reservations up to one year in advance.

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1. Any recognized student organization scheduling special social events (i.e. dances, after parties and probates) must receive approval with a confirmation from the Scheduling Office.

2. Your event information will be sent to the University Police Department (UPD) for a detailed risk assessment. This information is required at least seven (7) business days in advance for any event where guests on and off campus are invited to attend and/or there will be cash handling or alcohol served. Security is required at all dances at the expense of the student organization. UPD will determine the number of officers required. This is a separate fee from the reservation fee. Your organization will be responsible for all security.

3. The maximum number of tickets sold for any event is limited to the maximum room capacity based on room set-up requirements. Check with the Scheduling Office for specific requirements.

4. For large events, wristbands and metal detectors may be required for off campus visitors.

5. A student or group (other than those previously listed) will be assessed building and staffing fees associated with Priority Two bookings (see below for guidelines).

7. The sponsoring organization will be assessed additional charges associated with building damages, repairs and/or additional clean up.

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1. Priority Two scheduling is for Non-University groups including community groups, state or national service, or honorary organizations and/or individuals hosting private events.

2. The use of rooms for personal events must be consistent with the mission of the institution, such as wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations, artists and/or concerts. The institution reserves the right to refuse access to facilities for events deemed inconsistent with its mission.

3. Community groups not affiliated with the University may not use university facilities for private or personal gain or profit.

4. Requests for events will be accepted six months in advance after October 1st of each academic year. Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

5. An Exemption Request Form may be completed to request booking events further than six months out should the event meet specific criteria (such as conferences, etc.).

6. The Associate Director or designee must approve requests for exemptions in accordance with scheduling priorities and other procedures for events sponsored by non-university groups.

7. All payments by community groups must be received in full one week following the booked event.

8. Individuals and/or groups hosting artists/concerts were tickets are sold in advance or at the door are required to pay all reservation fees in advance of the event. The University Police Department (UPD) will assign officers based upon external/internal guests, alcohol consumption and cash transactions at the door. These fees are separate from our reservation fees.

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