THOR-Guard Procedures

The University now has our lightning prediction system in place and working called THOR-Guard.  We will rely on this system to tell us when it is unsafe to be outside due to risk of lightning.  It predicts when conditions are ideal for lightning; therefore, we should have at least a two minute window for getting to safety in appropriate shelters.

When the system senses eminent danger, a 15-second, high-pitched horn will sound.  When you hear this, you should immediately have your group and audience head for shelter.  Upon hearing this alert, stop the program, show or event, make a safety announcement to the area, power down all equipment, and seek shelter.

You should listen for three short five-second bursts from the siren.  This is an all-clear signal from the system which means that conditions are safe to resume activity.

You should seek shelter in the nearest building preferably.  DO NOT seek shelter under trees, metal roofs, near large water sources, etc.

If music is a part of the event, and there is a probability that the alert cannot be heard, it is the responsibility of the event chair, staff member or manager to let personnel at the student center know who is the contact person outside for the event.  The UPD or Safety Office will contact us to determine the correct action to take.

Please take the time and identify where all the sirens/horns are located (a strobe light will go off when the system is activated).  There is one behind Whitley Hall, at the Morris Recreation Center, Halladay Student Services building, Henderson Hall and the Press Box at the Memorial Stadium. 

Good Luck with your event…let’s be safe in our outdoor programming.