the roar am commerce campus newsletter


Please submit your event by Friday at 8:00 am to go out in the Monday newsletter.

Announcements can be posted for two weeks. Events will go out the week of the event.

Guidelines for submissions:
In order to ensure that your announcement or event is easy to read, we have created the following guidelines.

  • Description of the event or announcement cannot exceed a maximum of 200 characters.
  • Events must include a photo or logo with 128 x 128 dimensions, if you do not submit one the Roar Newsletter logo will be used as a placeholder.
  • If you are needing to advertise your event/announcement through our newsletter as an outside company, there will be a $10 charge.(FREE for Faculty/Staff and Students).

You can also utilize the University calendar, other listservs on campus, flyers, marquees, sidewalk chalk, and other approved forms of marketing to advertise your events!

** If you are planning to attach a file for your event or announcement, please make sure it is 129 x 129. We are also not accepting a flyer due to the small dimensions, please make sure your attachment is a logo of your organization/event, or a photo.