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The Texas A&M University-Commerce is proud to announce the opening of its state-of-the-art planetarium. The planetarium has a 40-foot dome and a Digistar 5 all digital projection system which fills the dome with sights and sounds beyond imagination. The planetarium's 87 reclined seats  immerse the audience in a space environment filling their vision and appearing to take them beyond the confines of the Earth.Seating

The planetarium is open to the public on Friday
at 7 & 8 PM Call 903-468-8652 for a recording specifying shows for given dates. Each show lasts about 45 minutes and begins with a live presentation of the current night sky where constellations, stars, and planets are shown. 

Go to the schedule page for a description of the current shows.

Admission prices to the planetarium are:

  • $4 for those under 18 and University Students with ID
  • $4.50 for Faculty and Staff of the University and Senior Citizens
  • $5 for General Admission

A $1.00 discount will be provided for each person who purchases tickets for both shows on the same day.

Ticket reservations can be made in advance by calling 903-468-8650 or by email planet@tamuc.edu  Specific seats will not be reserved.

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