The A&M-Commerce Observatory was developed to house the department telescopes at a permanent location.  The observatory is used for astronomy classes and labs taught at the university and for research by university personnel. 

The observatory is open to the public for scheduled, announced, Open House events.

Observatory Telescope

The observatory houses a number of telescopes which can be used simultaneously. These include a 27 inch, 16-inch and several 10-inch telescopes.

The newest addition to our collection is housed in the new AstroHaven dome, a clamshell design.  Inside the dome is our Planewave CDK 700 telescope & Andor Ikon-L CCD.  The first light image was taken of M13 on May 31, 2018.  (more images to follow)

The original dome houses a Meade 16-inch LX200 Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope with an attached  5-inch Televue refractor. This telescope and dome can be controlled remotely by computers.

The 10-inch telescopes are mounted on piers which are aligned with the stars.

Observatory Telescope

Along with looking through the telescopes they are also be used for classes, labs, astronomical imaging, and research.

The obsevratory uses special CCD cameras which are made specifically to image very faint astronomical objects.  The cameras pick up details that the eye is unable to detect.  The cameras can be used to collect light for long periods of time, and track the motion of an object, in order to capture the faintest details possible.


The next OPEN HOUSE at the Observatory will be announced here as soon as we are able to plan and schedule an event.

Regular Open House practices include:

  • Attendance is free for all who wish to join for an evening of star gazing
  • All ages are welcome
  • Several telescopes will be available for viewing 

Directions are available at this link: Observatory Directions

Parking is limited so please be aware of vehicles coming and going as we have excited little visitors.

Make note, there are no facilities, no water.

Please check this site again for announcements of planned events,  All events will be posted here as well as our facebook page.

The observatory is only open to the public for announced events.

"Like us" on facebook and you will receive future notices as they are available.

Students at the university Observatory


The observatory is located approximately 5 miles south of Commerce.

Directions: Traveling south of Commerce on highway 50, turn east on county road 4208. Travel on this road for approximately half a mile and on your left will be the entrance to the observatory.

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Physical Location: 1660 County Road 4208, Campbell, TX 75422-1766 US