Kaluoka'hina: The Enchanted Reef

enchanted reef“Kaluoka'hina: The Enchanted Reef” transports the viewer to a tropical reef...a colorful, one-of-a-kind world that is full of adventure, danger, riddles and old legends. It's a world inhabited by creatures that are humorous and courageous, lovable and bizarre, often charming and sometimes dangerous.

This planetarium show follows Jake and Shorty, two fish from the reef, on their adventures as they try to restore the magic of their home Kaluoka'hina. Their only lead is an ancient legend that tells of touching the moon... but how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the intriguing puzzles that Jake and Shorty will have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever.

Spectacular underwater scenery, playful characters, and totally immersive environment of the planetarium makes this show a must see.

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