Accessibility "How-To" Guide

Overview of Accessibility “How To”

This course provides information on how to make Word documents, PowerPoints, PDFs, and videos accessible for online courses. The topics covered in this course are:

  1. How to make Word documents accessible
  2. How to make PowerPoints accessible
  3. How to make PDFs accessible
  4. How to convert a Word document to an accessible PDF
  5. How to make videos accessible
  6. How to make a Syllabus accessible
  7. Resources 

If you would like additional information on implementing any of these tools for your online courses, please email or call 903-886-5511. 

1. How to Make Word Documents Accessible

  1. Word-Using Headings                Transcript 

  2. Word-Alt Text for Images          Transcript

  3. Word-Accessibility Checker        Transcript

  4. Word-Contrast                         Transcript 

  5. Word-Use of Color                    Transcript 

  6. Word-Font Readability              Transcript

  7. Instructions for Making a Word Document Accessible

2. How to Make PowerPoints Accessible

  1. Creating a PowerPoint    

  2. PowerPoint-Accessibility Checker Transcript 

  3. Instructions for Making a PowerPoint Accessible 

3. How to Make PDFs Accessible

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC

  2. Library-Knowledge Image Center

  3. Optical Character Recognition 

  4. ABBYY FineReader 14
  5. Google Drive PDF Converter 

  6. Google Support Article

  7. WebAIM PDF Guide 

  8. Instructions for Making a PDF Accessible 

4. How to Convert a Word document to an accessible PDF

  1. Word-Save as a PDF Transcript 

  2. Instructions for Saving a Word document as a PDF

5. How to Make Videos Accessible

  1. Camtasia

  2. Multimedia Production

  3. Why Close Caption? 

  4. Caption Fail

6. How to Make a Syllabus Accessible

  1. Syllabus-Heading Transcript

  2. Syllabus-Alt Text Transcript

  3. Syllabus-ADA Statement Transcript

  4. Syllabus Template (Document) 

7. Resources

  1. National Center on Disability and Access to Education--Cheat sheets

    1. Accessible Word Document 2007 / 2010

    2. Accessible PowerPoint 2007 / 2010

    3. Word Document to Accessible PDF

  2. Access: The Road to Instructional & Student Success

    1. Visual Design

    2. Microsoft Office Word

    3. Microsoft IT Academy

  3. Apple VoiceOver

    1. Getting Started

  4. Modifications Needed to Make Online Courses Accessible

  5. Web Accessibility in Mind

  6. Web Accessibility Initiative

    1. Perspectives
  7. Academic Impressions

  8. Lynda Website

  9. YouTube