Accessibility Resources

The following information overviews accessibility as it pertains to online courses. The meaning of accessibility and its importance to disabled students is presented. The three main disability groups addressed by Section 508 compliance guidelines are identified. Appropriate techniques and tools to aid in student accessibility to online courses are demonstrated throughout the page.

If you would like additional information on implementing any of these guidelines for your courses, please email or call 903-886-5511. 


  1. Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Motor/Sensory
  4. Cognitive

Federal Laws

Accessibility Websites

Assistive Technologies

Accessibility Tools

Accessibility and Liability

Texas Government Code 2054, Subchapter M, 2005, requires that all state agencies, including universities and institutions of higher education, provide state employees, and members of the public access to and use of electronic information resources.

State web accessibility standards, outlined in Texas Administrative Code Chapter 206, are in alignment with federal regulations as outlined in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended in 1998. Thus, all content delivered through our websites or online courses is required by law to be accessible.

Accessibility Roles at A&M-Commerce

Student Disability Resources and Services (SDRS) works with students registered with the department to provide reasonable accommodations under Section 504 and ADA.  Thus, when course content (online or otherwise) is not accessible, students with disabilities (who are registered with SDRS) contact SDRS to assist with accessible format and access to course content. If the course is online, SDRS contacts the FCTT to assist with accessibility.

The EIR Officer for A&M-Commerce has the responsibility of regulating A&M System’s compliance with Section 508, TAC 206, TAC 213 and ADA for the University regarding programs, policies, and procedures including reporting the University’s level of compliance of web pages and online course content to the State.

The Office of Academic Technology partners with faculty in a multi-faceted approach to assist in making online courses universally accessible to students. The service approaches made available to faculty are done so in cooperation with the SDRS and EIR officer.