Course Resources

eLearning Training

The Office of Academic Technology is the resource for establishing Learning Studio faculty accounts, course design & development, and eLearning training.

Essentials Course: Introduction to Online Training

New faculty and adjunct faculty can enroll in the online training courses by completing a New Faculty Form. Submit the form to New faculty are encouraged to complete training prior to teaching an online, blended or enhanced course.

Course Content Materials

Course Syllabus

Syllabus Template - an MS Word document (doc) patterned after the syllabus tool into which you may copy and paste your syllabus information. (doc)

Interactive Syllabus Checklist - an interactive MS Word document to help you build your syllabus. (doc)

Sample Syllabus – a sample syllabus which provides the recommended syllabus components. (doc) / (pdf)

Curriculum Vita

Curriculum Vita Template - an MS Word document (doc) into which you may copy and paste your vita information.

Quality Matters

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Overview (pdf)

Abbreviated/Revised Mind Map (image)