Math Formula Tools

There are several options for producing clear, easy-to-read equations in eCollege. Which option is right for you will depend on a number of factors, including how complex the equations are, whether or not they need to be in line with other alphabetic text, and your comfort with various Math coding languages like MathML and LaTeX.

You can choose one of the following options for creating your equations:

1. Basic - Use the built-in eCollege Equation editor for basic equations and problems that don’t have a text component.

2. Intermediate - Use MathType software to build complex equations and paste the MathML Code into the eCollege Equation Editor to be rendered into an image file.

3. Advanced - Code complex equations in LaTeX or TeX and use MathJax script and CDN (servers) to render code in eCollege page as individual symbols, resulting in the ability to display equations as stand-alone objects or inline with text in word problems. 


Equation Builder Guide (PDF) 

MathType support site


The Faculty Center supports the University’s mission to ensure all online materials are produced to meet accessibility accommodation standards. The current recommendation for ensuring all students are able to access equations built with the eCollege equation editor or rendered using LaTeX and MathJax is for instructors to write out all equations in text format within the visual editor so that they may easily be read by screenreading software. Additionally, instructors may choose to create short audio clips using Camtasia or other recording software, and embed them along with the visual equations. This will allow students of all abilities to access either a visual or audio cue, or both.