Adobe Connect

Welcome to the Faculty Center's resource page for Adobe Connect 8.1 users. Connect (formerly known as Breeze and Acrobat Connect) is a web conferencing and collaboration application. It provides users a means to share files, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, and Flash videos. Connect 8.1 also provides webcam and microphone capabilities to further enhance collaboration.

Please review the system requirements needed to use Connect.  Note that 512 Kbps network speed is recommended for participants, meeting attendees, and end users of Adobe Connect applications. To share content within a webconference space requires the Adobe Connect Add-In to be installed on your computer.  We recommend against using the Google Chrome Browser for Connect.

Connect is available to use for full-time faculty and staff.  To request an account please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 903-468-6000 or e-mail  Accounts typically consist of your e-mail address for the username, and your Active Directory password.  Connect can be accessed at Connect.TAMUC.EDU.

Audio Basics

Two good rules of thumb are:

1. For participants to keep their mic muted when they are not talking.  With multiple active mics there is enormous potential for distracting noise/feedback.

2. Use headphones as much as possible.  This will help create a good audio experience for participants.  This will also help reduce noise and feedback, but headphones are not quite as necessary if the first rule is well practiced.

Additional Materials 

Adobe Connect has several applications but it can be daunting to know how to begin.  For a primer, Adobe has some excellent resources: 

Adobe Connect training videos on our YouTube Channel 

Other Training and Help Resources

The university has also partnered with Clarix Technologies which delivers monthly training webinars on a variety of topics.  A webinar is offered each Tuesday and Wednesday on Meeting Basics and Advanced Meeting concepts.  To register for a session please fill out their online form: Adobe Connect Training Webinar Registration.  Use Texas A&M University-Commerce for the "organization" field.

Adobe Connect also has a robust user community.  In addition to faculty support from the Center for Faculty Excellence and Innovation, you can find several user tips and tricks at their user forum site: Adobe Connect User Community