A star rising over the horizon of a planet with the words Project Nova Phase 1 in large white letters over it
Migration Toolbox Blog

The sun is setting on Pearson LearningStudio (eCollege) and rising on D2L Brightspace.

The University's journey to D2L Brightspace, our new Learning Management System (LMS), encompasses:

  1. LMS selection [completed and determined to be D2L Brightspace],
  2. Project team/D2L implementation planning stage [now engaged]
  3. Software implementation,
  4. Migration of course content, and
  5. Training.

This journey is otherwise known as Project NOVA.

Don't fear the unknown, uncharted territory!  This website has been launched for you, our TAMUC faculty, as a means of keeping you informed of the status of the various stages of this complex project.  Here you will find information as the various stages of the project unfold, with access to the resources you need to become a fully acclimated citizen of our new home...D2L Brightspace.

Please Note: These items do not migrate to D2L Brightspace from eCollege.

Not sure if you should migrate a course or build it new in D2L? Check out this document for guidance!

Email ProjectNOVA@tamuc.edu with questions or comments.