Event Videography

NOTE: All non-faculty/non-instructional based projects are assessed production fees.  Services and their respective rates are listed below. Contact Russ Gregg at Russ.Gregg@tamuc.edu no later than three weeks prior to the event with time, place and specific details of the event.  After contacting The Office of Academic Technology a representative will follow up with the Project Lead for verification, cost estimation and billing purposes. 


1. The requesting department is responsible for providing contact information for event venues. 
2. The requesting department is responsible for providing original script material for non-event projects. 
3. Based on workloads and in consultation with the client, The Office of Academic Technology will determine the project completion date for the final video product. 
4. Cost estimates are calculated prior to the project begin date. However, final costs will be based on actual hours expended. 
5. The requesting department is responsible for securing location shooting permission/clearance. 
6. Video events and projects are done on a first come first served basis. 
7. Production events requested without a minimum three week lead time will be charged fees on a time-and-a-half basis. 


The rate is $50 per hour, per technician with a 2 hour minimum.   Allow for ample set up and break down time for the events. 

Rates are calculated at time-and-a-half for project requests submitted less than three weeks in advance.