Facilities Reporting

Our buildings are one of Texas A&M University - Commerce's major assets. They must be properly managed both because it is a statutory requirement (Title 19, Rule 17.40) and because it is the right thing as stewards of the University. This site will provide you information on Facilities and Energy Usage.

Facilities information available here is: Floor Plans (pdf), Building Inventory, Room Inventory, and Reference Materials.

Energy Information available here is: Utility usage (electric, gas, and water), energy projects completed, and meeting notes.

There are two components to the SPACE INVENTORY; CBM11 - Room Inventory, and CBM14 - Building Inventory. The SPACE Inventory is a database with a primary purpose of accurately recording building and room attributes, including age, ownership, size, and functionality.

Information for CBM11 - Room Inventory will be collected through physical audits, completion of facilities surveys by departments, and project approval methods.

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Request for Space Assignment Form

All spaces throughout campus are reviewed on a an annual basis by the Facilities Advisory Committee. If there is a need for new space, additional space, or a change in the function of an existing space, a request must be made by filling out the Request for Space Assignment form.

Building and Room Drawings



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Facilities Space Information

Energy Information

Jeremy G. Gamez
University Space Planning & Utilization Manager