Property Management


  • Administer initial creation of each piece of controlled and capital equipment on campus
  • Administer all property transfers, property deletions, & missing, damaged or stolen property forms
  • Conduct Annual Physical Inventory
  • Assist all Departmental Accountable Property Officers (APOs) and Alternate Accountable Property Officers (Alt APOs) in the management of their inventoriable assets 
  • Reconcile Livestock Inventory
  • Report construction in process


Available Forms

The below property forms assist all Texas A&M University - Commerce Departmental Alternate Accountable Property Officers (Alt APOs) in the management of their inventoriable assets. Forms are needed to delete equipment from inventory, report equipment as missing or stolen, report equipment as found, and report equipment as out on loan. Copies of all property forms can be obtained from the below listing or from the Financial Services Office in the McDowell Administration Building. All property transfers are done in Canopy. 

INV905 Property Addition and Deletion Form

The purpose of this form is to document an addition of equipment that did not require payment to acquire (i.e., a gift) and to a document deletion of existing equipment due to sale, trade0in, or cannibalization. 

INV906A Form required by CITE for hard drive removal

Before sending a computer to surplus the hard drive must be removed by CITE. This form needs to be filled out and signed by the CITE employee who does the removal.

INV908 Missing, Damaged or Stolen Property Report

This form is required when an asset is considered missing, damaged or stolen. If the asset is considered stolen then a police report is also needed. Missing property remains in the accounting system for two years under a 'missing' status. If it is not found during that two year time frame it will then be deleted. 

INV908A Cancellation of Missing or Stolen Property Report

The purpose of this form is to cancel a previously submitted missing or stolen report. 

INV909 Certification of Annual Physical Inventory 

This form is required for completion of a Department's Annual Physical Inventory. 

INV909A Request for Time Extension for Annual Physical Inventory

This form is required if a Department needs a longer period of time than assigned to complete Annual Physical Inventory. 

INV910 Transfer of Equipment to Out-of-Office Location

The purpose of this form is to aid the Alternate Accountable Property Officer (Alt APO) in managing equipment and to protect A&M-Commerce against theft or loss of this equipment. Transfer of Equipment to Out-Of-Office Location forms are only good for one year and have to be renewed at the time of expiration. The original should be kept on file in the department and a copy sent to Property Management. Appropriate signatures needed for the initial check out of equipment and when the equipment is returned. 

Fixed Asset Information and Authority Form

This form is required when a Department is introducing a new Accountable Property Officer or a new Alternate Accountable Property Officer. The original is required by Property Management and needs to be kept as accurate as possible. 

Non Cash Gift Form & IRS Form 8283

This form is required when a person is donating to the University. This type of situation is reported primarily to the Office of Advancement and then to Property Management.

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