System-Wide Pay Plan (NEW)

On December 1, 2016, the Texas A&M University System offices launched a new system-wide Pay Plan. The Pay Plan provides a standardized collection of titles and salaries designed to enable consistency and refresh outdated compensation practices throughout the A&M system. 

Texas A&M University-Commerce will adhere to the required new Pay Plan which means all new title codes and pay grades will be implemented and active December 1, 2016.

Note that the Pay Plan includes the following compensation updates:

  1. All Positions: All position types will receive a new four digit title code number (staff, faculty, students, temporary wage, graduate students etc).  
  2. Staff Positions Only: Staff positions will have a new pay grade chart. Pay grades are still numerical but have new minimum and maximums.

The Pay Plan titles and new pay grade assignments will be accessible online for maximum transparency and to provide useful resources.

System-Wide Pay Plan FAQ

System-Wide Pay Plan WEBSITE