Student Employment Information

Process for Students Seeking Employment

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Process for Departments to Hire Students

There are several steps associated with hiring student employees. Some steps are managed in HireaLion Powered by Handshake (the student job posting website), whereas other steps are managed in Workday. Here is what the overall process looks like:

Hiring Process using HireaLion

Workday Logo

Hiring Process using Workday

Student Employment Procedure 33.99.08.R1

Student Hiring Training Guide

Workday Student Hiring Overview

GA Eligibility Requirements

Sample Student & GA Position Descriptions

Student Hiring Calendar - Fall 2019

Instructions to fill out the Online Student Pre-Hire Set Up Form

Summer 2019 Graduate Assistant Procedures

Student Employment Forms

Online Student Pre-Hire Set Up Form

Minor's Employment Release Form

Data Collection Form

Form I-9 Info

The following documents are acceptable for Form I-9 to establish an employee’s employment authorization and identity. The comprehensive Lists of Acceptable Documents can be found at the link below.

Form I-9 Acceptable Documents

To establish both identity and employment authorization, a person must present to their employer a document or combination of documents from List A, which shows both identity and employment authorization; OR one document from List B, which shows identity AND one document from List C, which shows employment authorization.

For assistance please contact Christina Clark