Our Team

Scott  Cason

I find working in higher education communications and marketing immensely rewarding because I believe in the transformative power of education, and because I love to be surrounded by smart, curious, creative and passionate people. . I grew up reading a lot of military history stuff and wanting to be a pilot. In phase one of my career journey, I served as a naval aviator flying helicopters across the Pacific and Persian Gulf. In phase two, I taught middle school history and English. I feel I have found my vocation as a marketer in higher education. It fuels my creative side and delivers a level of job satisfaction that surpasses what I felt in my previous two career path stops.

Phone: 903-886-5128
Office: Binnion 140

Marketing and Communications

Paul  Bryan

Paul is an amateur filmmaker and farmer.  He is a loving husband and loves animal husbandry.  Cats are his favorite.  Chickens are second favorite.  Paul is obsessed with making sure that logos are not distorted.  Beard, check.  Suspenders, check.  Skateboard, check.  Now you have a Paul.

Phone: 903-468-6023
Office: Binnion 126

Russell  Schneider

Russell is finally using that Master of Journalism degree that he earned . . . well, let’s just say, a number of years ago.  He enjoys using his creative side to work on the wide range of projects in MarComm.  Outside of work, Russell enjoys cooking (and eating), travel, music and watching spooky shows on television.  He might also have a small collection of bobble heads and salt and pepper shakers but don’t tell anyone. 

Phone: 903-468-8797
Office: Binnion 135

Tanya  Charles

Tanya knows everything.  Tanya does everything.  Don't mess with the Tanya.

Phone: 903-886-5244
Office: Binnion 136A

Jason  Flowers

Jason spends his free time figuring out how to fill all his free time. With that he is successful. With everything else, art, bagpipes, rock climbing and a bunch of other diversions, his successes are more rare.

Phone: 903-886-5257
Office: Binnion 126

Brittany  Gryder

I’m terrible at bios. How about I say that I have a cat? Do I sound like a crazy cat lady? Oh, well! She’s cute, but also a jerk. Ask me to see photos of her; I’ll show you. 

Office: Binnion 126

Cathy  Li

Overly imaginative. Easily amused. Fearfully, wonderfully made.

Phone: 903-886-5127
Office: Binnion 139

Jessica  Norris

"I have an unwavering addiction to Diet Dr. Pepper, regular not cherry so please don’t bring me anything else. My favorite ice cream flavor is cream cheese icing which I have yet to have but I know it’s my favorite. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, YouTube videos and all things makeup. I don’t like celery, hubcaps or bacon fat. Don’t judge me."

Phone: 903-468-6018
Office: Binnion 135A


Jerrod  Knight

Jerrod graduated from A&M-Commerce with a B.S. in radio and television broadcasting in 2005, ready to take on numerous roles at prominent radio organizations, which have included Susquehanna-Pfaltzgraff (now Cumulus,) Omni Communications Corporation, and The Ranch Radio Network. With experience on-the-air, and in every position behind-the-scenes, Jerrod rejoined KETR in December 2008 as director of programming.

Phone: 903-886-5846
Office: Binnion 133

Cristy  Boucher

Cristy is a fan of nice people.  Raised in Bryan/College Station makes her a die-hard “Fightin’ Texas Aggie”!  After graduating from A&M, being the gypsy that she is, Cristy has lived in five states, twelve cities and has worked at four different universities.  She loves dogs, Fritos and her husband, Tom.

Phone: 903-886-5848
Office: Binnion 134

Kevin  Jefferies

A 2000 Radio/Television graduate of A&M-Commerce, Kevin has worked at KETR began with KETR as a student and then as a community volunteer. He was hired full time as the station’s News Director in 2004 and eventually became KETR’s Operations Manager. Kevin is responsible for ensuring KETR stays on-air and operational 24/7/365 and be assured that any technical glitches you may hear on KETR are quickly being dealt with by Kevin with stern looks and strongly worded e-mails. And maybe a hammer. Probably some duct tape, too.

Phone: 903-886-5840
Office: Binnion 131

Carinne  Manning

Carinne graduated from Texas A&M University-Commerce in 2013 and has a background in public relations. As Development Coordinator, Carinne enjoys connecting with KETR's supporters and seeking new support for the station. Carinne is a native Northeast Texan and lives in Sulphur Springs with her husband. 

Phone: 903-886-5841
Office: Binnion 131B

Matt  Meinke

Matt was born and raised in Dallas, and discovered at an early age that he wanted to be on the radio. After moving to Northeast Texas and graduating High School, his path led his to then East Texas State University where he began work at KETR as a student and part-time board operator. Over the next 20 years, his role evolved into a student mentor, host of an alternative music program called The Late Nite Lion, and then the full-time Chief Announcer and Host of Notably Texan on KETR.

Phone: 903-468-8114
Office: Binnion 135A

Mark   Haslett

Mark Haslett has served at KETR since 2013. Since then, the station's news operation has enjoyed a increase in listener engagement and audience metrics, as well recognition in the Texas AP Broadcasters awards. Before coming to Northeast Texas, Haslett worked for High Plains Public Radio in Amarillo, where he worked as News Director and later as Director of Programming. Haslett developed a passion for radio as a youth, when he helped his father, a program host at (now-defunct) WRBC-AM in Jackson, Miss.

Phone: 903-886-5334
Office: Binnion 130