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Design Projects

Marketing Communications takes great pride in creating high-quality work and we are excited to work together with you to create effective material to serve the university community. Please think of us as collaborators and teammates.

Our Design Project Management Process at a glance

Lets Get Started

For new project requests, please complete this brief project intake form. Tanya Charles, Director of Marketing Operations, will follow up and get the process started.

Initial discussion

A member of the Marketing Communications team will connect with you to discuss your goals, target audiences, a project timeline and deadline, quantity (as appropriate) and other pertinent information. This upfront discussion will include a review of standard production times for the deliverable(s). For example, it can take 10-15 days to print a magazine, five-10 days to print a program and seven-10 days to produce a banner—and these times do not include design, proofing and client reviews and approvals.

Creating a project plan

Marketing Communications will propose a project plan built backwards from a targeted due date. We will share key milestone dates and assigned responsibilities to ensure we hold each other accountable throughout the process. Missed commitments at any point can delay the delivery date.

Content assignments

We will deliver high quality photography, graphic design and video solutions, but we also need a commitment from our campus partners to deliver draft content input, design input and timely content review and approvals throughout the process.

Marketing Communications goes to work

Our communicators and creatives deliver content and design solutions that meet the expectations and goals established for the project. We will then share one or more deliverables for review, one or two change requests and eventually approval. We also share final proofs with Institutional Effectiveness for their review and approval as appropriate.

Client Reviews

The client reviews the design, proofreads the text, obtains necessary reviews and approvals, makes adjustments and provides revisions to the marketing manager.

Marketing Communications Delivers

The graphic design and communications teams collaborate on implementing approved editorial and designed changes. The final layout is proofread again and, with client, creative and director level approval, handed off by the project manager to print or—in the case of digital art—delivered to the client. Printed items will be delivered in accordance with the project plan timeline. Significant changes in editorial and design direction will impact the overall project timeline.