Payroll Service Forms

Extended Pay Plan Enrollment/Cancellation Form

Optional method to delay receipt of a portion of net pay for employees who work less than 12 months.  Texas A&M University System Regulation 31.01.05 Extended Pay PlanExtended Pay Plan Question and Answer

Direct Deposit Authorization

For payments processed by the Payroll Office.  Completed form should be signed by employee and forwarded to the Payroll Office. 

Supplemental Payment Agreement

To be used in conjunction with the Supplemental Payment Form for Faculty and Staff.  This form is to be used when faculty and staff are providing services outside of the scope of their primary appointment which entitles them to extra compensation.  Agreement form requires advance approval and must be attached to any Supplemental Payment Form for Faculty and Staff.  Texas A&M University-Commerce Procedure 31.01.01.R0.03 Approval Procedures for Supplemental Compensation and Dual Employment.

Supplemental Payment Form for Faculty and Staff

For supplemental payments to faculty and staff.  This form requires an attached Supplemental Payment Agreement.  Where possible, an EPA should be processed rather than using this form.

Supplemental Payment Form for Student and Other Hourly Employees

For processing payments to individuals that are not full-time employees (i.e., students performing work outside of regular student employment, part-time labor, etc.).  An EPA should be processed for any ongoing hourly work.

Communication Allowance

Form for enrolling in monthly cell phone allowance.  Must be completed at the beginning of each fiscal year.  Texas A&M University-Commerce Procedure 25.99.09.R0.01 Cellular Communication Devices and Services.

Moving Guidelines and Form

Payment request for moving allowance agreed upon during hiring process.