Mane Market

What is Mane Market?

Mane Market is a web-based e-Procurement system which replaces current purchasing processes at TAMUC (FAMIS).  Mane Market is a third-party solution provided by JAGGAER (formerly SciQuest).  It was founded in 1955, and has a client base which includes over 260 universities across the United States, as well as institutions in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  JAGGAER is known for outstanding Customer Support.

What are the benefits of Mane Market?

  • Provides a one-stop shopping experience with virtually all suppliers - no need to remember multiple web sites or set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Similar to other online shopping sites, products may be searched by keyword, part number, category, or "favorites" lists.
  • Real cost savings – contracts and “best value” sources are readily accessible.
  • Requisitions are automatically routed through a departments’ specified Approval Workflow. 
  • Ability to approve certain purchasing actions via the Mane Market mobile app.
  • Invoicing can be automated, which minimizes or eliminates paper invoice processing.
  • Mane Market will be used by departments to process payments in lieu of paper vouchers in most cases.
  • Provides greater spend visibility, reporting, and analysis.


Why is TAMUC Transitioning to Mane Market?

The Texas A&M System is aligning procurement processes for all System members.  Additionally, we believe the world-class research performed by our agency merits world-class business processes.  Migration to Mane Market from the current manual process will help us make this vision a reality.


What are Milestone Dates for Implementation?

Beginning March 26, 2018 - New user (departmental support staff) training.  Training will be offered on multiple days, and is a full day training.  Support Staff who are involved with shop/purchase/place orders for their programs and who will serve in approval roles are strongly encouraged to attend in order for the transition to go as smoothly as possible.  Additional details will be forthcoming .  TAMUC will be live in Mane Market following completion of this training.