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What is Mane Market?

Mane Market is a web-based e-Procurement system which replaces current purchasing processes at TAMUC (FAMIS).  Mane Market is a third-party solution provided by JAGGAER (formerly SciQuest).  It was founded in 1955, and has a client base which includes over 260 universities across the United States, as well as institutions in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Why is TAMUC Transitioning to Mane Market?

The Texas A&M University System is aligning procurement processes for all System members. 


Please send general comments or questions regarding Mane Market to:

Account Payable & Encumbrance Releases:

Questions related to commodity and object codes, receiving, invoicing, attaching documents (invoices received in the department), special payment methods, scheduled payment date and vendor statement review.

Invoice Submittal:

This email should be used ONLY to submit invoices to be processed for TAMUC purchase orders.

Procurement Services: (903) 468-3000

Questions related to Purchasing procedures, Purchase Orders, Suppliers/Sourcing, and the HUB Program.

Vendor Set Up & Inquiry: (979) 845-8286

Questions related to new vendor set up, existing FAMIS vendor set up, distribution methods, vendor contacts change or set up, W-9 or W-8, vendor term, and vendor payment inquiry.

Access & Security: (903) 886-5054

Questions related to access and security.

Exception List

Services Performed by Individuals

Please ensure that any requisitions submitted for parties that will not submit an invoice to the University include a completed PF230 Internal Invoice as the quote. You will also need to change the Order Category from "1-Regular" to "2-Confirming-Do Not Distribute".

For purchases of services from an individual, the PF231 Employee vs. Contractor Questionnaire will also be required to be attached under the Internal Attachments in the Mane Market requisition. This is an important distinction made by the Internal Revenue Service.

Enterprise Rental

Start by creating a non-catalog item on a requisition. You will need to change the Order Category from “1-Regular" to "2-Confirming Order-Do Not Distribute”.  The object code will need to be overridden and the correct object code will need to be used (3010 or 3410) on the requisition.  Rentals for the Greenville office will need to be completed via the form available on Marketplace here.

No attachments need to be added to Mane Market.


Start by creating a non-catalog item on a requisition. You will need to change the Order Category from "1-Regular" to "2-Confirming-Do Not Distribute".

Frequently Used Commodity Codes

You may browse and download the current version of the UNSPSC codes at no cost. Search the code on this website to locate commodity codes.

Category Commodity Code Object Code
Advertising 82100000 5641
Building Maintenance Service 72101507 5530
Chemicals & Gases 12000000 4040
Computer Software 43230000 5761
Computers 43211500 5787, 8435
Food - Business Meal 99900036 6340
Food - Catering 99900285 6338
Food - Other than Business Meals 99900284 6339
Freight/Shipping/Delivery Services 78121603 5650
Maintenance & Repair of Equipment 99900288 5512
Medical & Lab Equipment 41100000 5751, 8422
Medical Supplies 99900304 4045
Office Furniture 56101700 5750
Office Supplies (includes paper & toner) 44120000 4010, 4011, 4020
Other Contracted Services 99900294 5670
Parts - Machinery and Equipment 99900295 4066
Printing 82121500 5616
Promotional Merchandise 80141605 5242

Rental of Goods, Tools, Equipment, Cylinders, Containers

99900097 5810, 5813
Rental of Hotel Room/Conf Facility 99900350 5842
Research Supplies 99900297 4013
Shop & Industrial Supplies 99900354 4075
Telecommunications - Other Service Charges 83111503 5130
Telecommunications - Long Distance 83111502 5110
Telecommunications - Monthly Charge 83111500 5115