Payment Information

A&M-Commerce uses several different methods to procure goods and/or services. These methods are:

  1. A Purchase Order—designated by a "AB" followed by a seven digit number. A copy may be provided to the vendor.
  2. Procurement Card—a purchasing credit card issued by the university to the departments.

Any other method is not recognized by the university; therefore, the university is not responsible for payment.

All invoice should reference one of the aforementioned methods and emailed to If a physical copy must be mailed, please send them to: Texas A&M University-Commerce
Financial Services
PO Box 3011
Commerce TX 75429

By Texas Law, A&M-Commerce has thirty days to pay an invoice once the goods and/or services have been received. Vendors are paid interest if payment is processed after thirty days. For more information, please visit Texas Government Code Chapter 2251.

For more information, click here for Accounts Payable.