Important notes about foreign travel:

Foreign travel requests must be received for final approval by the President or President's designee (Chief of Staff, Linda King) at least 15 days prior to the scheduled departure date.  If the travel location is in a high risk country the request must be received for final approval by the President or President's designee at least 30 days prior to the scheduled departure date.

  • The foreign travel checklist must be completed and accompany the request for foreign travel form.
  • Required trainings must have been completed less than one year prior to the trip return date.
  • The same rules/documents apply to Canada and Mexico travel.
  • Foreign travel must be booked through the Concur eTravel system or directly with a Corporate Travel Planners agent when available.  Travel which is unavailable to be booked through Concur  or Corporate Travel Planners must be documented and submitted with the foreign travel request.  Any travel booked outside of Concur or Corporate Travel Planners will not be reimbursed without appropriate documentation.

Please attach all required documents, training transcripts, and obtain the required approvals (listed below) before submitting.

  • Note - any flights booked in Concur will not be approved/ticketed until a hard copy request has been submitted and approved.  Flights will generally only be held in the system for 24 hours and the rates are subject to change daily.  It is important to start your request as soon as possible.

Required Approval Path

  1. Department Head
  2. Dean
  3. Director of Global Programs
  4. Vice Provost for Research & Dean of Graduate Studies (only if using a grant account)
  5. Appropriate Vice President
  6. President/CEO

Foreign travelers requesting the use of state funds will require additional approval by the Chancellor.  You are encouraged to use local funds.

Travel To High Risk Countries

In accordance with the policy of the Texas A&M University System, employees traveling to high risk countries must complete an International Travel Questionnaire, and submit it to System Risk Management (fax number 979-458-6247).  Travel Requests created and submitted in Concur automatically route to System Risk Management.

An updated list of countries currently considered high risk can be found on the System Risk Management website.

Foreign Travel Request Form/Checklist

Should you have any questions please contact:

Rhonda Ferguson, Assistant to the President                         903.886.5014

Kevin Ashmore, Travel and Card Services Coordinator           903.886.5227

Thank you for your advance planning and thorough preparation.  Safe travels.