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Staff Directory

Employee List of Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries
Name & Title Phone Number Department
Rose Mary Adams, MLIS
Assistant to the Director
903-886-5731Director's Office
Sean Anderson, MSLIS
Technology Librarian / Library Webmaster
Michael Barera, CA, MSI
903-886-5433Special Collections
Chelsea Batty
Library Specialist III
903-886-5739Access Services
Charles Brookshire
Assistant Access Services Manager
903-886-5713Access Services
Amanda Davis
Library Specialist I
903-886-5732Access Services
Natausha Dubois
Library Assistant - Interlibrary Loan
903-886-5722Interlibrary Loan
Lanée Dunlap, MSIS, MBA
Head of Technical Services
903-886-5738Technical Services
Harriet Hayes
Library Specialist II
903-886-5732Access Services
Sandy Hayes, MLIS
Acquisitions & Cataloging
903-886-5137Technical Services
Ashlie Hight
Library Specialist Cataloging
903-886-5385Technical Services
Scott Lancaster, PhD, MSLS, MA
Research and Instruction Librarian
903-886-5725Research and Instruction Services
Stacy Lee
Library Specialist II
972-882-7535Access Services
Preston Livingston, MBA, MLS
Collection Assessment and Analysis Librarian
Valerie Lutes, MSLS
Research and Instruction Librarian
903-886-5726Research and Instruction Services
Emily R. McGuyer
Library Specialist - Media
903-886-5502Access Services
Karen Miller
Library Assistant I - Serials
903-886-5740Technical Services
Greg Mitchell, MSLS, MA
Director of Libraries
903-886-5716Director's Office
Holley Narramore
Administrative Assistant I
903-886-5737Special Collections
Frank Newhouse
Research and Instruction Assistant
903-886-5720Research and Instruction Services
Zachary Nichols
Library Specialist II
903-886-5718Access Services
Adam Northam, MSLS
Digital Collections Librarian
903-468-8738Special Collections
Sarah Northam, MSLS, M.Ed
Head of Research and Instruction Services
903-886-5714Research and Instruction Services
Jake Pichnarcik
Library Specialist III
903-886-5722Interlibrary Loan
Dana Toles
Government Documents Specialist
903-886-5740Technical Services
Sue Weatherbee
Access Services Manager
903-886-5414Access Services