Access Services Policies

Services for Patrons with Disabilities

Access Services offers a wide range of services to provide assistance to users with disabilities.

Customer Service

These policies define the privileges and responsibilities of persons who borrow materials from Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries.

Eligibility and Identification

The checkout period varies by borrower type, collection within the library, and patron status. The following is a list of eligible borrowers with the appropriate checkout periods for the general circulating collection and maximum items allowed currently charged.

Checkout Period Information
Borrower Type Checkout Period Maximum Renewals Maximum Items
Faculty Semester
(subject to recall)
6 100
Doctoral Students Semester
(subject to recall)
6 50
Masters Students 21 days 6 40
Undergraduates and Staff 21 days 3 30
Courtesy Patrons 21 days 1 5
TexShare Borrowers 21 days 1 5

To borrow library materials, eligible users must present their valid Texas A&M University-Commerce campus wide identification card.  Courtesy borrowers must be at least 18 years of age, live within a 50 mile radius of Commerce and present a valid Texas driver's license or Texas Identification Card.

TexShare Borrowers must present a valid Texshare Card from a participating TexShare Library. Faculty, staff, and students may apply for a TexShare card by completing a TexShare Card Application. Applicants must be currently employee or enrolled to be eligible for a TexShare Card.

Borrower Responsibilities

Borrowers are responsible for any materials checked out with their campus wide ID card and returning materials by the due date. Also, borrowers are responsible for providing a current local mailing address, email address and telephone number. This information is necessary to receive timely information from the Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries. 

In accordance with the Attorney General of Texas Open Records Act, Texas A&M University-Commerce Libraries will not release any information about a borrower including name or any checkout information.


Borrowers may renew materials in person at the Customer Service Desk, by phone at 903-886-5713 or by email. Borrowers may also renew their library materials by accessing MyLibrary account through the Library Online Catalog. There are limits on the number of renewals based on borrower level (faculty, staff, students, courtesy borrower). Items may not be renewed if they have been placed on hold for another patron.


Book holds allow a patron to request materials that are checked out. A user may submit a hold request by contacting the Customer Service Desk. When the item is returned, the requestor is notified and the item is held at the Customer Service Desk for 7 days. Libraries' staff may request a borrower to return material for use in course reserves.

Searching for requested material

When books are not available on the shelves, library staff will search for the item and notify the requestor when the material is found. Requests for a search for a missing item may be place at the Customer Service Desk and when found the material is held at the Customer Service Desk for 7 days.

Due Dates

Patrons who checkout items from the Texas A&M University Libraries will be given a print out slip that indicates when the materials are due back in the library. The slip is given to the borrower at the time of checkout. The slip provides the following information:

Material must be returned by closing time on the due date to avoid a fine. Reserve material must be returned by the due date and/or time to the Customer Service Desk to avoid a fine. Library privileges may be suspended or a registration block will be initiated for borrowers who fail to abide by this policy.

Length of Checkout

Depending the type of patron (faculty, student, courtesy card user, etc.), and the type of material, the policy concerning the circulation of the material varies by location.

Loan Period Information
Item Type Length of Checkout
Main Stacks 21 days
Current Periodicals, Bound Volumes, Microforms, Reference and General Non-Circulating Books Library Use Only
Government Documents(unless designated as non-circulating) 21 days
Curriculum Material 21 Days
Curriculum - State Adopted Materials Library Use Only
Multi-Media Equipment (digital cameras, recorders, tripods, flip cameras, etc.) 2–3 days
Multi-Media Equipment (table-top screens, projectors, headphones) Library Use Only
Library Media (DVDs, VHS) Faculty use – 7days
Student use – 3days
Theses and Dissertations Library Use Only

Laptops (Library use only)

Laptops from kiosk

4 hours

1 day

Reserve Items (hourly reserves are library use only) 2 hour, 4 hour, 1 day
2 day, 3 day, 7 day
LP Records, and audio CDs Student use - Library Use Only
Faculty use – 7 days
Special Collections Generally non-circulating
iPads 3 days
Interlibrary Loan items Due date set by lending library-Date due is indicated on the slip in the book band.

Overdue Notifications

Material is due on the date printed on the Date due slip. Automated emails are sent for notification of overdue materials. These notices are sent as a courtesy. The library is not responsible for late or non-delivery of notices.  Please advise the Library of a change in your email, address or telephone number to facilitate communication concerning your library account. For questions concerning library overdue items and/or fines, please contact Sue Weatherbee by email or by phone at 903-886-5414.


Fines are assessed at $0.25 per day per item for regular circulating materials with a maximum fine per item of $10.00.  Reserves item fines are $1.00 per day per item and multi-media materials are assessed fines at $5.00 per day per item.  Fines for overdue iPads are assessed at $25.00 per day.

Processing and Replacement Costs

A processing fee of $25 per item plus the replacement cost of the item is assessed 60 days after the due date. The processing fee represents the cost of acquiring and cataloging a replacement for the lost item. The replacement cost reflects current retail value for material. An exact copy, purchased by the borrower, may be accepted as a replacement. The library reserves the right to determine whether the replacement is acceptable. The replacement cost may be refunded if a lost item is returned within 6 months of the date replacement cost was paid. A borrower is assessed replacement fees when materials are returned irreparably damaged.  Replacement costs and processing fees may vary for multi-media items.

Payment of Fines and Costs

Payment of fines and replacement fees can be made in person by credit card, debit card, check, or LION cash. No cash payments are accepted.

Suspension of Privileges

Library privileges may be suspended for borrowers who fail to abide by provisions and library policies. The Library may block a borrower's registration and issuance of transcripts for patron library accounts that includes unpaid charges totaling over $50.00

Additional Services Offered by Access Services

Study Rooms

Study rooms are located on 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th floors. Study rooms will remain locked and may be reserved by students, faculty and staff.  A study room key must be checked-out at the Customer Service Desk. A lost key charge of $25.00 will be assessed for keys not returned. Rooms are reserved on a first come, first serve basis and may be used up to 4 hours at a time. Rooms are reserved for groups (three to eight people) and individuals. A group must have a contact person/representative with their CWID number, phone number and e-mail on the application. The library reserves the right to reassign or cancel reservations to assure the maximum and most appropriate utilization of its space. Individuals may use an un-reserved study room by checking-out a study room key at the Customer Service Desk.  Room reservations have priority use of the study rooms.  Study room participants will abide by the Texas A&M University-Commerce Code of Conduct. The group representative is required to lock the door and return the key to Customer Service 15 minutes prior to Library closing time.

Study Dens

The Study Dens are for groups of current students, faculty, and/or staff to work on projects which benefit from the use of technology.

General Usage Policies

Study Dens are reserved for groups of three (3) to six (6) people. Reservation forms are available at the Customer Service Desk. Study Dens may only be used by current students, faculty, and/or staff of Texas A&M University-Commerce. Individual students and small groups of two (2) are encouraged to use the designated quiet areas on the upper floors of the Library or unreserved Study Rooms.  See the Study Room Reservation Policy for more information. The Study Dens may not be reserved for use as a classroom space.  The Study Dens are for group project work. Users of the Study Dens will abide by the Texas A&M University-Commerce Code of Conduct.  Unruly and/or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. The Library provides a USB keyboard, cable and USB mouse to the group contact person when the group arrives to use a Study Den.


Current students of Texas A&M University-Commerce have first priority in reserving the Study Dens. Faculty and/or staff have second priority in reserving the Study Dens. Study Dens may be reserved for two (2) hour blocks. Reservations must be placed in-person at the Customer Service Desk. Study Dens may be reserved for multiple days by the same group. Group using a Study Den must have a contact person who acts as the group representative. The contact person must provide their CWID number, phone number, and email address on the reservation form. The Library reserves the right to reassign or cancel reservations to assure the maximum and most appropriate utilization of its space.


Users of the Study Dens are to return the USB keyboard and USB mouse to the Customer Service Desk when they vacate the Study Dens. Users of the Study Dens need to vacate the Study Dens fifteen (15) minutes prior to the closing of the Library. Users of the Study Dens must keep the area clean during use.  Drinks should be kept covered when not in use.  The eating of food in the Study Dens is prohibited. Any issue which arises from the use of the equipment in the Study Dens should be reported immediately to the Customer Service Desk. Please do not remove furniture or equipment from the Study Dens.

Failure to follow the policies stated above may result in the suspension of a group's access to the Study Dens. The Library is not responsible for lost items or computer files.

iPad Borrowing Guidelines

Current Texas A&M University-Commerce faculty, staff and students are eligible to check out an iPad. CWID must be presented.

Borrowing an iPad

iPad Use:

iPad Replacement Charges

A replacement charge for damage to or the loss of an iPad and/or its peripherals will be assessed. Charges will vary based on the equipment impacted. A processing fee and overdue fines of $25.00 per day may also be incurred.

iPad Agreement Form

The first time a borrower checks out an iPad in each academic year, an iPad Checkout Policies & Agreement Form must be completed, acknowledging responsibility for the equipment. That form is kept on file with the Access Services Department in the Library.

Applications Available on iPads

  • App Store
  • Calendar
  • Camera
  • Contacts
  • FaceTime
  • Game Center
  • iOS
  • iTunes
  • Mail
  • Maps
  • Messages
  • Music
  • Newsstand
  • Notes
  • Photo Booth
  • Photos
  • Reminders
  • Safari
  • Videos
  • YouTube

Multimedia Equipment and Laptops

Laptops are checked out for 4 hours and are for Library Use Only. A laptop agreement form must be on-file prior to check-out. Multimedia equipment is checked out for a specific time or date. No renewals for laptops and multimedia equipment. CWID must be presented and Texas A&M University-Commerce students must be currently registered and in good standing with the Library. Faculty and staff must be current employees.

Late fees are accessed at $1.00 per hour for laptops or equipment checked out for Library Use Only. Late fees are $5.00 per day for equipment checked out for 1, 2, or 3 days.

Patrons assume all financial responsibility for any equipment damage, repairs, and/or replacement costs. Failure to return equipment when it is due may be considered theft of university property and appropriate action will be taken.

The library is not responsible for any content left on laptops or equipment. Patrons are responsible for deleting content on the computers or multimedia equipment prior to returning to the Library.  Batteries required for the use of multimedia equipment are the responsibility of the user.

Copy Machines

Copy machines are available in Gee Library and copies are $.10 per page. Patrons must use their Lion Cash Card account or purchase a guest card for $1.00. Lion Cash deposits may be processed at the Cash Management Center walk-up center in Gee Library near The Bistro area by credit/debit card or cash.

Study Lockers

Currently enrolled students may apply for a study locker located on 2nd floor east wing. No charge for this service. Library materials stored in lockers must be properly charged.  Lost key charge of $5.00 may be assessed.


The Reserve Book Room is located at the Customer Service Desk. Reserve items have been placed on reserve at the request of a professor. These materials are loaned for periods of two hours, one day, three days, or one week. Fines for overdue reserve items are assessed at $1.00 per day.  A current listing of items on reserve is available through the online catalog.

Borrowers may check out two items at one time and holds or renewals are not permitted.

Faculty members may request that items be placed on reserve by contacting the Reserve Desk at 903-886-5713.  An electronic reserve form is available online.

Library Media Services

Library Media Services serves the university community by providing equipment and educational media in support of the University curriculum.  Media has the Libraries' primary collection of material in non-print (audio and visual) formats. These formats include: 470+ VHS videocassettes; 1,375+ DVDs; compact audio discs, audiocassettes, and CD-ROMs. The collection is intended to support the broad range of study and research interests on campus.

DVD and VHS subjects range from The American Film Institute's Top 100 movies of all time to foreign language films, videotapes of public service topics, and educational series. These are available to faculty and currently enrolled students for individual checkout.

Faculty may book equipment and/or DVDs and VHS for future use in advance.

Students may check out DVDs and VHS tapes for library use or outside use for 3 days.

Faculty may check out these items for 7 days:

  • DVDs
  • VHS tapes
  • Projectors
  • Screens
  • Digital Cameras
  • Conference Phones
  • Webcams
  • Laptops
  • iPads
  • Slide Projectors
  • VHS/DVD Players
  • Record Player
  • PA Systems
  • Lecterns
  • VGA Adaptors
  • Cassette Recorders
  • CD Boom Boxes

Faculty may request both media and/or equipment for longer checkouts than indicated above. Media equipment is subject to availability.

Scheduled equipment and media items can be delivered and picked up from department offices. For more information contact Library Media Assistant at 903-886-5502.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan General Policies

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) acquires materials from other libraries for Texas A&M University-Commerce faculty members, graduate students, undergraduate students, and staff. If you request a book, we borrow a copy. If you request a journal article, we obtain a photocopy or a PDF electronic copy. Books can take anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to arrive, depending upon availability. Journal articles generally take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to arrive, depending on availability.  The Interlibrary Loan office provides a document delivery service for our patrons. There is no charge for Interlibrary Loan service or for document delivery service. There is currently no limit on the number of items you may request through Interlibrary Loan. The Interlibrary Loan office is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM but you may pick up interlibrary loan material at the Customer Service Desk any hour the library is open.

Who has access to ILL

Method for requesting ILL materials

Any student, staff, or Faculty member needing to acquire items through Interlibrary Loan must first register for an account through our Illiad system. In order to register in Illiad, go to . Once there, if you have never used the Illiad system before, click on "First Time Users" below the Logon boxes. Here you will be taken to a brief explanation of Illiad and the registration procedure. At the bottom of the info page, click on the "First Time Users Click Here" button.

Next, fill out the New User Registration form. Be sure to be accurate when providing this information, as it is going to be the only way we will have to reach you concerning your Interlibrary Loan materials. Once the registration process is complete, you will be forwarded to your Illiad Request page.

Here, you will be able to request materials, keep track of outstanding requests, view electronically received documents, and have a record of your history of your ILL requests.

If you have any questions concerning this process, or if you forget your password, contact Jacob Pichnarcik by email or by phone at 903-886-5722.

Document Delivery

When requesting a journal article or a chapter from a book that is owned by our library, it will be scanned and emailed to the patron. The following limitations apply:

ILL Renewal Requests and Overdue Materials

The Interlibrary Loan Department will request one renewal per semester, per book. This request must be submitted directly through the ILL office. Renewals must be requested within five (5) business days of the original due date for the material. Please note that it is up to the lending library whether or not we will be granted a renewal. You will be notified via email on the determination of the request. If the renewal is granted, you will be informed of the new due date. If the renewal is not granted, you will need to return the book within two (2) business days after notification in order to avoid overdue fines. If you are unable to return the book within this time frame, contact our office to make arrangements. Overdue materials borrowed through Interlibrary Loan are fined at a rate of $.25 per day per item.

Additional Information

We will not borrow any books currently being used as a textbook for anyone at any time (including faculty and staff).

In general, we do not borrow non-print materials (VHS, CD, DVD, etc.). If you need a film for your class, contact Media Services first at 903-886-5502. If they are unable to help, we will sometimes attempt to obtain the materials through Interlibrary Loan.

We cannot put any books borrowed through Interlibrary Loan on reserve, nor can we get a semester-long loan. The lending library sets the due date on books; it is usually about 3 weeks use. We can request an ILL renewal, but it is up to the lending library to say yes or no and to set the new due date. You must request renewals for Interlibrary Loan items through the Interlibrary Loan office only.