2015 Pathways - Corpus Christi, TX

12th Annual Pathways Annual Symposium - Commerce Winners

October 22-23, 2015

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas A&M University-Commerce students won first place in three out of six distinguished awards categories at The Texas A&M University System 12th Annual Pathways Student Research Symposium. Students from all Texas A&M System campuses were allowed to present their research at the symposium in either oral or poster formats.

Overall Awards - Distinguished Awards

John Naizer - Undergrad, Physical Science, Poster, 1st

Swati Balluri - Masters, Life Science, Poster, 1st

Katherine Skrabanek - Masters, Social Science, Oral, 1st

Undergraduate Poster

John Naizer - 1st, Physical Science "A Porphryin Based Chiral Imidazolidinone For Chiral Recognition Applications"

Jennifer Patterson - 2nd, Mathematics "Formative Assessment In Introductory Calculus"

Collin Rodgers - 3rd, Life Science "The Effects Of Various Intensities Of Active Recovery Following Cryotherapy As A Post-Game Therapeutic Modality For Baseball Pitchers"

Masters Poster

Brandy Spoor (undergraduate) - 1st, Agriculture "Anthelmintic Resistance And The Use Of Diatomaceous Earthas An Alternative Anthelmintic In E. Caballus"

Christopher Woodard - 1st, Business & Computer Info "The Growing Importance Of Using An Eportfolio Among Students For Personal And Professional Development"

Ambre Fairfield - 1st, Education "The Effects Of Self-Monitoring On Mathematic Performance On Student's At-Risk For Emotional And Behavioral Disorders"

Swati Balluri - 1st, Life Science "Role Of G1p3-Induced Tubulin Acetylation Confers Metastatic Potential In Breast Cancer Cells"

James Wheeler - 1st, Physical Science "Investigation Of Hydrothermal Conversion Of Methylosinus Trichosporium To Bio-Oil"

Fatma Abu Hawas - 2nd, Computer Science "A New Method For Regular Expression Matching On Preprocessed Text"

Jacob McCabe - 2nd, Physical Science "Competitive Binding Of Copper(I) And Zinc(II) By Methanobactin From Methylosinus Trichosporium OB3b And Analog Methanobactin Peptide"

Sam Ijeh - 2nd, Social Sciences ": Impact Of Global Competence And Its Effect On Students"

Simbarashe Mazambani - 3rd, Life Science "Diadzin-Rich Soy Isoflavone Extracts Increase Estrous Cycling In VCD-Induced Menopause Mouse Model"

Masters Oral

Katherine Skrabanek - 1st, Social Sciences "Letters Create The Connection Home: East Texas During The Civil War"

Samuel Lawrence - 3rd, Social Sciences "Holy Infidels: Orthodoxy, Gnosticism, And Scriptural Interprtation In Early Christianity"

Doctoral Poster

Meichan Huang - 1st, Social Sciences "The Pronunciation Of English By Southern Chinese Speakers"

Nelly Shora - 2nd, Social Sciences "A Step In The Write Direction: A Persuasive Writing Intervention To Support Students With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders"

Hilal Ergul - 3rd, Social Sciences "Giving Effective Corrective Feedback In The L2 Classroom: The Duchenne Display"

Doctoral Oral

Victoria Scholz - 3rd in Doctoral Oral, Social Sciences "Power Leads To Oppression. Oppression Leads To Deviancy. Deviancy Leads To Rebellion: The Path To Liberation In Marissa Meyer's The Lunar Chronicles"

For more information, please visit:  http://pathways.tamucc.edu/program.html