Animal Care & Use Standard Operating Procedures

SOP 104 Guideline for Sedation of Horses Under Attending Veterinarian Supervision
SOP 110 Guideline for Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns
SOP 120 Guideline for Managing reported concerns related to the use of animals in research, teaching and all other activities
SOP 200 Guideline for Education and Training for the Humane Care and Use of Animals in Research, Training and Testing
SOP 300 Guideline for Review and Approval of Applications (protocols, amendments, annual reviews) submitted to IACUC
SOP 301 Guideline for Euthanasia of Laboratory Animals
SOP 305 Guideline for Post Approval Monitoring of IACUC Approved Protocols for Laboratory Animals
SOP 306 Guideline for Post Approval Monitoring of IACUC Approved Protocols for Vertebrate Animals
SOP 307 Social Housing of Animals
SOP 308 Trial of Refinement Technique under Attending Veterinarian Supervision
SOP 309 SOPs for Assigning Animals into USDA Pain and Distress Categories
SOP 310 Guideline for Process for Review and Approval of Protocols with Biohazardous Materials
SOP 311 Designated Member Review
SOP 330 Guideline for Managing Exemptions from Standards of Care
SOP 340 Guideline for Principal Investigator Eligibility for Protocols Involving the Use of Vertebrate Animals

SOP 400 Guideline for Semi-Annual Inspections
SOP 409 Guideline for the Detection and Handling of Solid Tumors in Rodents   
SOP 500 Primary Clinical Care provided by Non-Veterinarians and contracted veterinarians
SOP 502 Guideline for Rodent Husbandry and Breeding
SOP 504 Guideline for Equine Husbandry and Preventive Health Care
SOP 505 Guideline for Goat Husbandry and Breeding
SOP 506 Guideline for Poultry Husbandry
SOP 507 Guideline for Amphibian Husbandry
SOP 510 Beef Cattle Unit
SOP 511 Guideline for Cleaning and Sanitizing Materials Used in the Transport of Animals
SOP 512 Guideline for Reptile Husbandry
SOP 515 Animal Transport Outside Animal Facilities
SOP 516 Transportation of Animals   
SOP 517 Guideline for Non-University-Owned Animal Use On and Off Campus
SOP 520 Purchase and Care of Bulls
SOP 550 Guideline for Pre-Sale, Pre-Adoption and Pre-Donation Procedures for Texas A&M University-Commerce Animals
SOP 602 Guideline for Vaccination of Horses under Attending Veterinarian Supervision
SOP 606 Guideline for Fish Health Monitoring Program
SOP 612 Guideline for Environmental Enrichment for Mice & Rats
SOP 613 Guideline for Equine Pour-On Insecticide Application
SOP 700 Guideline for ACF (Animal Care Facility) Emergency and Disaster Preparedness Plan
SOP 703 Guideline for Personal Protection Equipment Required in the Animal Care Facility
SOP 706 Guideline for Preparation and Use of Clidox for Facility Cleaning
SOP 707 Guideline for Animal Related Injury in the Animal Care Facility