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The ORSP FY16 total external funding amount was $9,368,449.74.  This reflects a 24% increase over FY15.

Pathways Annual Research Symposium

TAMUC winners from the 2017 Pathways Symposium!


2017 Trivia Throwdown Winners!

The Texas A&M University-Commerce Trivia Throwdown was held during the spring of 2017 during lunchtime.  Each time, two teams squared off against each other to prove their knowledge of trivia including general knowledge, movies, music, geography, and history.  The finals were held June 27, 2017 with the Trivianators emerging as the champions.

Trivia Winners

The winning team included Dr. Sylvia Meyer of the Biology department (formerly of ORSP), Glenda Denton of Research Compliance in the ORSP, and Donna Russell of ORSP.

The winners were the recipients of a trophy given by the host department of the Division of Student Affairs.

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