Post-Award Assistance

Post Award Services Provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs

  • Objectives
    • Support the principal investigator
    • Monitor account activity
    • Knowledge of grant terms and conditions
    • Available to review account balance
  • Provide information on performance requirements
    • Performance Dates
    • Continuation/extension information
    • Compliance
    • Publication of research data
  • Facilitate post award process
    • The Award
    • The Account
    • The Research
    • The Review
    • The Reports
    • The Publication
    • The Closeout

Professional Grant Assistance Provided by Financial Services

  • Establish Accounts with Grantor Approved Budgets
  • Monitor Expenditures for Policy Compliance with Grantor, University and Other Administrative Units.
  • Monitor Subcontracts
  • Prepare Federal and State Financial Reports
  • Liaison with other University Administrative Units, Grantors and Auditors
  • Maintain files for Grant Awards

Responsibility of PI

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for the fiscal management and integrity of the project. This includes monitoring all grant account activities.
  • The PI complies with all of the terms and conditions required by the Grantor and sees that project funds are managed within the approved budget.
  • The PI is responsible for preparation and submission of technical reports and other deliverables required by the Grantor.
  • The PI complies with all University, Systems, State and Federal policies and procedures.

Congratulations on your award!  What's Next?

Step 1: Contact your Program Administrator 
Step 2:  Complete Compliance Training and FAMIS Training
Step 3:  Meet with your Program Administrator to review contract conditions
Step 4:
    • Hire or Pay Personnel
    • Order Supplies (Departmental Administrative Assistants)
    • Contract Lecturers or Speakers (Cheri Cooper)
    • Subcontract Work

Research Compliance

Required training for all research:
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Export Control
  • Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship

Protocols and additional training may be needed if working with

  • Animals
  • Biosafety Issues
  • Human Subjects
Compliance Training Online is on the Research page
If you have any questions about Research Compliance, please contact Glenda Denton, Research Compliance Coordinator at 903-886-5766.

If you have questions about Post-Award Assistance, please contact