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The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) assists faculty or Principal Investigators in developing successful grant proposals to support research and special projects. This includes identifying grant opportunities, fostering collaborations internally and with external resources, developing proposals that meet all guidelines and present a compelling case for funding. More specifically, the ORSP helps in the analysis of the mission of the funding agency as well as the targeted grant opportunity, developing strategic goals and objectives based on a research idea and the funding agency’s mission, contact with agency officials, improving professional writing and formatting skills for a successful grant proposal, developing evaluation plans, and preparing budgets.

 Typical activities when developing a grant:

  • Development of project summary/abstract
  • Drafting of a preliminary budget including purchasing and payroll needs
  • Proposal outline based on organization and guidelines from grant solicitation (RFP or RFA / announcement)
  • Determine if outside collaborators/partnerships will be part of the project
  • Determine if letters of support/commitment are needed
  • Literature review and/or preliminary studies supporting research activities
  • Biographical sketch relevant to grant guidelines
  • Supporting data
  • Project description including research design and methods section, objectives/aims
  • Evaluation criteria
  • Determine if human subjects, animals, or biohazards will be used in the project and gain appropriate Institutional Board approval
  • Project schedule
  • Future directions/broader impacts
  • Develop full proposal and revise (get a peer to review)
  • Final budget and budget justification
  • Revising the summary/abstract to reflect any design changes since initial summary was developed.
  • Completion of internal routing and approval procedure in Maestro (at least one week prior to submission deadline)
  • ORSP submits the final proposal.

To initiate the process, faculty members develop an executive summary of their research idea (see below) and submit to the ORSP. The ORSP staff researches possible funding sources that match the faculty idea and supports the faculty in grant development as needed. This support ranges from merely helping with budget and editing to a complete grant write. Typically, faculty new to the grant process request more support to be able to produce a successful proposal.


Executive Summary Requirements

Provide narrative overview of project you want funded. (No longer than one paragraph/page.)

Include: Topic, objectives, research questions to be explored and their potential impact, significance to the university

  • Indicate level of collaboration and names of potential Co-PIs
  • Specify whether project will involve students (note whether they are Undergrads, Masters or Doctoral students) as staff or participants
  • Identify any human subjects or animal research issues.
  • Estimate total amount of funding required and give us a breakdown.
  • Indicate any grant sources, if known.

Submit to ORSP, via email, at

Classes and workshops for proposal development may be available.  Please check our calendar for dates and times.  The announcement of the date will be made available in the fall of the year prior to the workshop series.  

The purpose of the workshop is to provide faculty members who have not previously been a primary investigator/director on an externally funded project the time and close guidance to develop a competitive proposal for external funding.

The participants will complete a full proposal by the end of the semester-long workshop and have until the summer of the following year to submit the proposal to an appropriate external sponsor/grant program that was selected during the workshop.

A course release is necessary in order to complete all of the assignments in the workshop.  

Preaward Services & Funding Opportunity Searches

Send the ORSP some information about the research you would like to conduct including keywords and some information about the participants in the research to

Research Compliance Administrator:

Glenda Denton, 903-886-5766 or

Develop a Proposal Narrative