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Limited Submission Proposals

Institutional Proposal Limits

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to an agency and the announcement (RFP) states that there is a limit on the number of submissions from a university, you will need to submit an Internal Notice of Intent (INOI) to the Office of Sponsored Programs.

OSP accepts Internal Notices of Intent (INOI) from PIs wishing to submit a proposal which has a limitation set on the number of applications from each university.  

Deadlines for an INOI will be posted or emailed to deans and department heads.  Only PIs who submit an INOI will be eligible to be selected to submit a full proposal.   

Your INOI should be a maximum of one cover page, three pages of project summary narrative, and one preliminary budget page.  Also, include the CV of the PI (or a recent NSF Biosketch, if available).  You do not need to submit CVs for Co-PIs.  Submit your INOI to

  1. Cover Page 
    1. Project Title
    2. Type (Acquisition or Development)
    3. Project Personnel: (PI, CoPIs, senior personnel, including name, title, department)
    4. Estimated Total Project Budget
  2. Project Summary (limit 3 pages)
    1. Overview of Project: Brief description of primary research projects that will be enhanced by the equipment, including student involvement in each project and the sources of funding (current awards and planned proposal submissions) that support the research
    2. Intellectual Merit
    3. Broader Impacts
    4. The extent to which the proposed project will make a substantial improvement in the organization’s capabilities to conduct leading-edge research, to provide research experiences for undergraduate students using leading-edge capabilities, and to broaden the participation in science and engineering research (especially as lead PIs) by women, underrepresented minorities, persons with disabilities and/or early-career investigators.
    5. Location: Proposed physical location of the instrument and any renovations/utilities needed
  3. Budget: Clearly showing the amounted requested.  Any ongoing maintenance and operating expenses must be addressed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Wood.  Kaylee Kinnaird and/or Donna Russell can assist you with your budgets and you are encouraged to contact them for that assistance.

The Deans of INOI-submitting colleges and the Vice Provost for Research will meet soon after the INOI deadline to decide which requests will be invited to develop full proposals.  All who submit an INOI will be notified of the decision after the meeting.

Early INOI for limited submissions to the NSF Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program for the January 22, 2019 deadline have all been reviewed and no more applications will be accepted.