Career Closet

The Career Closet is generously sponsored and provided by Enterprise Rent-a-Car, The Chancellor’s Century Council, and donations from our campus & community family. The Career Closet is located at Prairie Crossing (Room 213) and is open on an as-needed basis.

How the donation-based Career Closet works:

1. Set an appointment to select your business attire

Call our office at 903.468.3223 to schedule a Career Closet appointment. You will schedule a date and time to try on and pick out your attire.

Suit Rental Program **Coming Fall 2017**

1. Choose your business attire to rent. 

During your appointment, you will be able to try on different pieces of business attire to find a size and style that suits you. You have three business days to use the business attire for interviews, networking events, and other occasions where you want to make a strong first impression. The rental period can be extended to for periods longer than three days with approval. 

A refundable deposit of $35 will be required for all suit rentals. If the suit is damaged or not returned, a hold will be placed on your account and you will be charged for the full amount of the suit replacement.

2. Return your business attire after having it dry cleaned for a small fee.

Before you return the business attire, you must take it to a local Commerce dry cleaner and pay the $5 fee to have the attire dry cleaned. We will pick up the suits from the dry cleaner.

Once the suit is returned, your deposit will be refunded.


Please contact Bethany Ferrall at Career Development at 903.468.3212 if you would like to donate business professional clothing or for more information.