The Lion Wardrobe

Lion Wardrobe Sign

The Lion Wardrobe (formerly The Career Closet) is generously sponsored and provided by Enterprise Rent-a-Car, The Chancellor’s Century Council, Residential Living & Learning, and donations from our campus & community family. The Lion Wardrobe is located at Craddock C1 & C2 and is open by appointment only MWF from 12pm-5pm and T&Th from 9am-5pm.

  • During Fall 2020, we will be limiting shopping to two shoppers at one time and practicing social distancing
  • Drop by during operating hours to purchase your business attire
  • Purchase clothes using a credit or debit card for a minimal fee ($1-$5) for interviews and professional events
  • If you need an appointment, please visit the Appointments section of Handshake or email

The Lion Wardrobe is located in Craddock C1 & C2. Click here for a map!

Donations are accepted M-F in Library 225 from 8am-5pm or at The Lion Wardrobe MWF from 12-5pm and T&TH from 9am-5pm. 

Please contact Bethany Ferrall at Career Development at 903.468.3212 if you would like to donate business professional clothing or for more information.