Mission, Vision & Core Values


The Counseling Center provides mental health services to assist students in maximizing their potential for personal growth and academic success. Our purpose is to complement the university’s academic mission and goals by initiating interventions to promote a healthy campus environment and meet the psychological and educational needs of the university community. Our challenge is to nurture and support students and address the changing issues and concerns of a diverse university community.


The Counseling Center aspires to help students develop the insight, resources, and courage that lead to lifelong healthy choices. Our aim is to provide holistic, individualized attention in a welcoming, safe environment, characterized by respect, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a difference.

Core Values

Integrity & Ethics

We provide services based on the highest professional standards. We anchor our efforts in integrity; adhere to ethical expectations of conduct; and safe-guard the therapeutic relationship and well-being of our clients. The cornerstone of our practice is maintaining the confidentiality of those we serve. 

Professionalism & Service Excellence

We pursue excellence as a guiding principle in our work. We strive to provide high quality, culturally competent, evidence-based programs and services in a proactive, timely, flexible manner. We are committed to remaining current in our practices by engaging in ongoing professional development.

Dignity & Respect

We value the inherent worth and dignity of all people, honor the right and responsibility of individual choice, and respect and care for each other and those we serve.

Diversity & Social Justice

We serve as advocates for social justice, embracing and celebrating diversity. We support a campus culture that encourages safety, inclusiveness, respect, and awareness. We enhance the campus climate by seeking new approaches and strategies that instill an inclusive university experience. 

Collaboration & Teamwork

We seek to understand one another. We practice open, empathic, and authentic communication and seek-out partnerships and opportunities for teamwork in support of enhanced services to students. 

Innovation & Stewardship

We strive to be thoughtful and responsible with resources by utilizing sustainable approaches and valuing creativity as a conduit to provide innovative services that are relevant to student needs. 

Scope of Care Statement

The Counseling Center provides services to students to help them reach their academic and personal goals and to maximize their potential for success. We do this by providing brief mental health support, psychoeducation, and crisis intervention to address the emotional and social needs of our students.

The Counseling Center has several essential roles in supporting the A&M Commerce Community; providing mental health counseling and education to help students achieve their goals, educating the campus community about the psychological and developmental needs of a diverse student population, and providing, when needed, psychological support in the event of a crisis affecting individual students or the university community as a whole.

The Counseling Center’s goal is to provide students with appropriate mental health care as well as assistance with personal development to facilitate student success. This goal is achieved by providing intake assessment, brief individual counseling, group counseling, self-help resources, psychoeducational opportunities, referral to other A&M Commerce departments, and referral to outside community resources.
A student seeking clinical care will be assessed by a counselor to determine the specific needs of the student and a personalized care plan will be created for that student. A determination will first be made as to whether the student’s needs can be met by the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center’s mental health providers will determine the level of care to be provided to the student. Additional appointments and/or professional consultation may occasionally be required for an accurate assessment. A student may move between levels of care as their needs change. Each case will be evaluated independently in accordance with professional standards. This scope of care document is a general guideline only and deviation from this guide does not evidence breach of professional duties or standards.