Educational Outreach

Educational outreach provides psycho-educational information to the student population and the university community regarding mental health. The main purpose of educational outreach is to promote awareness and prevention.

Outreach services are delivered in a variety of ways, including educating students about general mental health issues; providing information about the Counseling Center services and resources; and offering workshops, presentations, and programs. The Center also makes itself available to student groups, faculty/staff who request participation or presentation at an outreach event. The Counseling Center has a strong commitment to bring its services to students who otherwise may not take advantage of traditional counseling services.

Due to time constraints, clinical demands, and staff availability, it is possible that an outreach request may not be able to be filled. Please submit the Educational Outreach Request Form at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure the best possibility for a request to be accommodated.

Please contact Brittany Bryant ( with further questions.