Lion House Calls

Lion House Calls is a program that provides easy access to informal conversations with a counselor from the Counseling Center at various residential locations on campus. Lion House Calls is a free service provided to students on a first-come first served basis during designated hours.

Lion House Calls may be beneficial to:

  • Students who are not sure about counseling but would like to converse with a mental health professional and/or explore possible referral options.
  • Students who have a specific question about a friend and want some guidance on how to address the issue.
  • Faculty or Staff who want to consult about an individual of concern.

Lion House Calls does not take the place of formal counseling. Should counseling/therapy be necessary or if individuals feel they may be in crisis they should contact the Counseling Center at 903.886.5145.

Time and Location

Lion House Calls are available at Prairie Crossing Tuesdays 8:15-10 am and at Phase III Thursdays 3-5 pm.

*you do not have to be a resident of these buildings in order to take advantage of Lion House Calls* Look for the Lion House Call icon to locate a Counselor near you!

Lion House Calls