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Counseling Center


As COVID-19 continues to impact the United States, Texas, and our local communities, the A&M-Commerce Counseling Center is here for you. We see you and hear you! We understand that social distancing and isolation, restrictive activities, and financial and personal hardships impact our mental health. Having a supportive professional can help you navigate this changed reality we all face currently.

Distance counseling (video or phone) keeps us all safe. Receive ongoing support when you need it and all sessions are confidential. We use technology that is HIPAA compliant for your safety. Students call 903.886.5145 to schedule your session. Crisis Assessment is available 24/7 if you are in need of urgent assistance.

If you are new to the Counseling Center, you can schedule a distance intake appointment to get started. Lion House Calls Livestream will take advantage of technology and host interactive group support, check-in sessions, and engaging educational competitions to create learning for wellness. Look for announcements on the Center website for dates and times.

We are following national best practices as well as the guidance of the TAMU-System, national, state, and local authorities, and TAMUC Administration. You are not alone and we will get through this together!

Center Diversity Statement

The Counseling Center at A&M Commerce deeply values diversity, equity and inclusion with regard to mental health services and programming for mental well-being. As licensed mental health professionals and trainees, we honor the importance of social justice work that is embedded in our commitment to delivering responsive care. We see each of you and recognize the diversity and intersecting identities of our staff and our student population.

We understand that some students might be hesitant to come to counseling out of concern of being misunderstood or judged because of their beliefs. Multicultural competency is at the center of our work at the Counseling Center. We strive to create a safe and affirming climate where students can feel comfortable exploring the importance of their identity and life experiences and how that might relate to the questions and issues students would like to address in counseling.

We acknowledge the impact of power, privilege, oppression, stereotypes, and discrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, familial status, height, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, race, religion, sex/gender (including gender identity and expression), sexual orientation, veteran or active duty military status, weight and other identities. Our staff is committed to assisting every student navigate the counseling journey as they explore their unique intersectionality of identities. We are committed to ongoing professional and personal development with regard to diversity, equity, and inclusion and work tirelessly to create a safe place for each student in the Counseling Center.

Statement of Philosophy

The Counseling Center utilizes a holistic approach to student development and fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding where everyone feels welcome. We are licensed health care professionals with extensive multicultural training. Our staff represents a diverse range of identities, backgrounds, theoretical orientations, and many intersecting identities.

We offer services to help students reach their academic and personal goals and maximize their potential for success. We provide individual, couples, and group counseling, mental health screening, consultation, and referral services, crisis intervention, educational outreach, and legal advising.

We also serve as a resource for faculty, staff, and parents and play an active role in interpreting and advocating the concerns of students to the university community. We collaborate with other campus departments and community agencies, utilize referral resources within the university and community, and serve as an integral part of campus mental health and wellness teams.