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Social Justice

Social Justice encompasses all the internal things that we may (or may not) be experiencing in our lives. It is about examining and recognizing privilege, power, and oppression within our society. It’s about all the things we should be talking about, but don’t.

Our office is committed to talking about these things to educate and empower our students so they may advocate for themselves and/or others. We want to recognize and bring light to what is occurring in society today. Instead of just focusing on our differences through diversity, we want to dig deep and focus our attention on raising awareness and understanding oppression, acknowledging one’s role in that system, and committing to develop skills, resources, and coalitions needed to create lasting change. Join the conversation through any of our social justice programs.

Don't Cancel That Class 

Are you faculty or staff who can't make it to a class and are considering canceling it? Don't Cancel That Class! Rather than sending your students home, bring in the IEL office to do programming and take advantage of your valuable class time!

If you know about your absence at least 14 days in advance, fill out this form below to request a substitute program.

On the Menu Series

Check out what new Social Justice topic is On the Menu each month. This is once a month series where students, faculty, and staff are invited to lunch with a focus on a particular Social Justice topic. These lunches will vary in presentation style and topics. This event is free, but requires advanced registration.

Lion Peer Educators

Lion Peer Educators are a group of students that are employed by the IEL Office. This group of students are peer facilitators educating around social justice. These students have the ability to educate others around different areas and topics pertinent to the region, nation and TAMUC campus while digging into their own experiences and abilities Lion Peer Educators will put on programs and presentations for faculty, staff and students. Applications to become a Lion Peer Educator will open in June 2020!

Social Change Conference  - Coming Spring 2021

The Social Change Conference will be an exciting opportunity for students, organizations, faculty, staff, and community members to highlight the work they have been doing for Social Change.  We are excited to highlight all the things we have done here at TAMUC in regards to Social Change. Call for presentations will begin in November of 2020.