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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions asked frequently by prospective parents.  If you are unable to find the answer to your question below, contact us at 903-886-5769 or

What hours are you open?
7:30 am – 5:30 pm

How do you monitor who comes in the building?
The CLC has a keyless entry pad at the main entrance of the building.  Current parents and staff use their CWID at the pad for entry.  Visitors press the button, which rings in the office and shows the staff who is at the door.  They can communicate through the speaker.  Once visitors enter the center, they sign in and receive a visitor name tag. 

How do you make sure only people I approve pick up my child?
You are required to list people you give authorization to pick up your child on the child’s enrollment paperwork.  You are required to make us aware they will be picking up.  If you don’t, you will be contacted before they will be allowed to take the child.  They will be required to have a picture ID for us to copy for the child’s file and to verify them against your list.  They should bring their ID each time just in case the current teacher doesn’t know them.  Please note this is the case for a parent as well, especially if they don’t usually pick-up or if there is a different teacher in the afternoon than in the morning during the first few days.

Are there cameras for me to see my child?
There are cameras in each classroom and outside; however, they are not viewable by parents due to safety and confidentiality.  They are viewed by UPD (university police department), as well as, both the director and assistant director.

Do you transport school age children from school?
Our local schools transport the children from school to the CLC.  Our school age teachers will get the children off the bus and bring them into the center to start their day.

Will my child be prepared for Kindergarten?
Every child is developmentally different; however, our program is designed for children to thrive and learn.  Please see our About Us and age group pages for more information about our curriculum and developmental assessment.  

Insect Garden   Explorers   Trailblazers  

Do I bring food for my child?
We are on the Federal Food Program and provide all foods, including infant formula and substitutions for allergies or parent preferences.  The only foods allowed to be brought in are already prepared infant formula or breastmilk.  The Federal Food Program reimburses us for a small amount of our food expenses per child.  The only other time parents will bring food are when teachers choose a cooking activity for holiday parties, considering the allergies in their classroom, and request parents to donate food items to help with the activity. 

Who will be my child’s teacher?
Please visit the Staff page to see our main staff and all staff titles and education.Also, when you visit the center, you will be able to tour the classroom and meet the teachers available at that time.

What is the ratio in my child’s class?
See our ratios on our About Us page.  

What kind of discipline do you use?
Discipline will be individualized and consistent for each child.  It will be appropriate to the child’s level of understanding and directed toward teaching the child acceptable behavior and self-control.  The staff will use praise and encouragement of good behavior instead of focusing on unacceptable behavior, redirect unacceptable behavior using positive statements, and using brief supervised separation or time out from the group when appropriate for the child’s age and development.  These strategies and more are in our parent handbook , including the biting policy.