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Student Concerns

At Texas A&M Commerce, our philosophy reflects an understanding that issues are best resolved at the level closest to the circumstances that lead to the issue, emphasizes the importance of communication as a first step in the resolution of issues and indicates that dialogue among parties is the first step in resolving disputes before initiating formal complaint procedures. The office of the Dean of Students provides for a private and neutral place for students to express their concerns. Students work directly with staff members to identify steps that may be taken to achieve a timely and fair resolution to a problem. The office may collaborate with others in the University community regarding student concerns. 

The Student Guidebook also provides an overview of rights and responsibilities inclusive of complaints or grievances associated with discrimination; disability accommodations; harassment; grade disputes such as academic probation, suspension and/or academic dismissal; academic dishonesty; absences; and disciplinary actions. The University has developed the Student Complaint Matrix to assist students in understanding the procedures and process for addressing these common issues. The matrix provides students with a clear understanding of the office or person responsible for addressing issues based on the nature of the issue. This matrix can be found on pages 57-62 of the Student Guidebook. This matrix allows for a timely response and resolution within the appropriate division/department of the University.

Students are able to submit concerns to via the CARE Report Form. The office of the Dean of Students then works to triage concerns and refer them to the appropriate office for resolution, following the guidelines of the Student Concern Matrix.

What We Can Do For You?

  • Listen and discuss questions, concerns, and complaints of students about the functioning of the university, including policies and procedures, the actions of others, and unfair treatment.
  • Assist students in evaluating and assessing a variety of options to address their concerns.
  • Answer questions, help students formulate appropriate questions, and find others who can provide the correct answer.
  • Make referrals to other university areas and assist in creating a helping network for students.
  • Provide a safe and confidential setting where students feel respected and where they can be candid and forthright.

Contact Us If You?

  • Have a problem or conflict involving the University and don’t know where to go to solve it.
  • Feel your concerns are not being heard.
  • Need information about policies and procedures affecting you at Texas A&M University-Commerce.
  • Believe your rights have been violated or you have not been given due process.
  • Think that the University has made an error but has not acknowledged it.


Privacy and confidentiality is a key characteristic of this office. The office makes every attempt to remain as private and confidential as possible. In most cases a student's name or the nature of the issue being discussed is not divulged without the student's consent. With the student's permission, individuals whose help is necessary to resolve a specific problem may be contacted. In the unusual situations of imminent risk of serious harm where there appears to be no reasonable option except to act without permission.

Student Complaint Process

Students unable to resolve their complaints through the complaint and appeal procedures outlined in the Student Complaint, Appeal and Concern Matrix are able to file a written student complaint as a further appeal. The institution defines a written student complaint as a complaint that is submitted using the Student Complaint, Appeal, and Concern Resolution Form.

All written student complaints are filed with the Office of the Dean of Students, where a record of formal written student complaints is maintained. Written student complaints are stored electronically. The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is responsible for maintaining the record of complaints. Complaints are reviewed and adjudicated by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities as they are received, with appeal to the Dean of Students. The review and adjudication procedure mirrors the student conduct process and includes gathering relevant information from those parties deemed to be appropriate to the complaint in order to ensure due process has been carried out, consideration of any mitigating circumstances, and a review of the appropriateness of the determined action. After appropriate inquiry or investigation, the complainant is notified of the outcome of the written complaint.

Student Complaints Documents

Student Complaints Report Form