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Burglary and Theft Prevention

Mark your property. 
Mark your valuables with an engraver. Marking your property serves as a deterrent to would-be burglars and it helps police identify and return stolen property. Make a property identification list. Put warning stickers on doors and windows.

If you have a computer mark not only the serial numbers but ascertain it's "MAC" address if you have a network interface card.  Write this down in a safe place and store it with your serial numbers.  For more information call the CTIS help desk at 903-468-6000.

Leave a light on. 
When leaving on trips, leave a light on in the bathroom. In the bedroom, attach a lamp and radio to a 24-hour electric timer set to go on at dusk and off at your bedtime. Close bedroom drapes or blinds. 

Work together with your neighbors. 
When you are going to be away, tell trusted neighbors and ask them to watch your property. Have neighbors maintain your yard. When on vacation, have someone cut grass. Shrubbery should not hide neighbors' view of windows or doors. Have someone pick up newspapers and mail. Tell neighbors to call police if they notice anything suspicious.

Theft Prevention Tips

Don't leave your books or purse unattended, even if only for a second.

Write your name someplace hidden in each of your books, this will help the UPD recover the book.

Engrave all your valuable goods.  (Engraver is available at UPD)

Know what type of hardware is in your computer-most computer thieves know how to strip a computer down and sell the components.